Review: Mary Kay Eye Gel

Imagine this: you go to bed one night with clear, youthful, smooth skin, and then you wake up the next morning with redness, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and maybe even an uneven complexion.

While it might not happen that fast, aging does obviously happen and there is no way you can avoid it.

And along with aging comes all of the skin problems, from your face to your neck and the rest of your body.

But do these really have to be problems for longer than you would wish for them to be?

In this day of age, the beauty market is booming with a variety of products, treatments, medications, and even herbal and homemade remedies to help “cure” your aging skin.

And one of those products is a certain Mary Kay Eye Gel.

With ingredients and formulas that are designed to reduce puffiness and decrease the looks of aging, the Indulge Soothing Eye Gel by Mary Kay hopes to leave you looking younger and feeling fresher than you would with any other anti aging product.

But does it really work?

Does it really do all that it says it will do?

And what are others saying about it?

In this review, I will answer all of these questions and many more. Is the Indulge Soothing Eye Gel by Mary Kay right for you? I’m ready to help you find out.

Honesty is Important to Us

When writing a review, I always keep you as a potential buyer first in my mind and first of my priorities while writing.

We value you as a person who is trying their best to make an informed decision on which product will be the best for them for the best price.

Because of that reason, when reviewing a product, we always try to provide a realistic point of view for you as the reader.

There is no such thing as a perfect product. In every review, you will hear about both, the good sides of the product, and the bad sides, as well as what other customers like about the product and what they don’t like.

These opinions are completely unbiased, as my views of this product are formed based off of the impressions made by the company but most importantly by what previous customers are saying about it in the helpful review section.

So, while there isn’t a perfect product, there is the right one for you, and it is my hope that I can help you find it.

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What is Mary Kay Eye Gel?

This eye gel produced by Mary Kay is called “Indulge Soothing Eye Gel,” and the title pretty much says all.

This Mary Kay eye gel works to make you look lively and younger again by calming, cooling, and refreshing your face, keeping you from looking drowsy and tired.

It also works to reduce any puffiness around the eyes, above and below, as well as to increase moisturization in the facial skin.

This moisturizing gel is perfect for the eye area and is said to revive them to looking bright and wide awake.

There are three key ingredients inside this Mary Kay eye gel that makes it do what it’s meant to do. These ingredients are green tea extract, cucumber extract, and dog rose fruit extract.

First of all, the green tea extract is used for calming the skin. However, it is not limited to doing just that. Green tea extract is also known for being an antioxidant, which means that it can protect the skin from the effects of free radicals caused by the environment around you.

The second ingredient in the eye gel is cucumber extract. This extract is also a soothing agent, just like the green tea extract, and is used in the product to supply its calming properties to the skin.

And finally, the third key ingredient is the dog rose fruit extract. This ingredient is the one that will make your skin look better, as well as feel softer and smoother. This is because dog rose fruit extract is a conditioner and is used in products to improve the actual appearance of the skin.

How Does Mary Kay Eye Gel Work?

In order for the mary kay eye gel to deliver its promises, the eye gel contains the three key botanical extracts that are designed to tone and firm the eye area, as well as to decrease the appearance of puffiness around the sensitive eye area.

These botanical extracts were the three key ingredients stated above: green tea extract, cucumber extract, and dog rose fruit extract, each of which serve a unique and different purpose.

Because of these three extracts, the mary kay eye gel increases moisture in the skin as well as improves sensitivity.

Additionally, the dog rose fruit extract is what gives your skin the new bright, wide awake, refreshed look that you want after applying the product.

While it does reduce the appearance of a tired looking face and drowsy eyes, the product also moisturizes. This means that it is not only improving the look of your skin, but also improving your skin internally, which means that with every application you are strengthening the look and health of your skin.

eye gel for eye care

How Do I Use Mary Kay Eye Gel?

The Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel is an extremely lightweight gel product, meaning that it is easy to use and slick when you put it on.

The Mary Kay website instructs you to use the product sparingly, which means that you only need a little bit of product to take you a long way.

I find it would be most helpful to use just the tip of your index finger, dip it into the jar, and then gently apply or even dot the product onto the underside of your eyes where the puffiness and bags appear, and onto the brow bone if you get puffiness there.

Also, be very careful to avoid any direct contact with the eye when using this product. Just like with any other kind of cosmetic, it is very important that the mary kay eye gel does not touch your eyeball directly. The eye is a very sensitive part of your body and can react terribly to any chemicals or substances included in the product’s materials.

If you do, for some reason, end up getting a bit of the product in your eye, be sure that you rinse it out immediately and watch for any reactions.

The time of day that you apply the product is not important, and many customers say that they like to use it right before bed so that they see improvement in the morning, while others use it during the day whenever they start to look tired.

Additionally, this product doesn’t have to be used just for anti aging purposes. It can also be used if you are having to stay up late at night, work a lot, or any other reason why you would find yourself feeling overwhelmed or tired.

Customers say that they use it for both reasons.

Why Choose Mary Kay Eye Gel?

So now that you know what the mary kay eye gel “Indulge Soothing Eye Gel” says that it does, why should you choose it over all of its other competitors in the beauty marketplace?

How well does it compare to the benefits, results, prices, and reputations of all the other products and treatments?

Something extremely unique about this mary kay eye gel is the fact that all of its three key ingredients, and the majority of its formula, are botanical extracts.

The fact that the gel uses botanical extracts means that they are using mostly natural substances to make up the product, instead of the main ingredients being substances and chemicals generated artificially.

Additionally, all of these botanical extracts, put together as the eye gel, have been clinically and dermatologist tested. As a result, the gel has been tested for skin irritancy and allergy, as well as proven to be free of any fragrance.

However, something that this mary kay eye gel lacks compared to other products is the amount of product available in each jar.

The only amount of product that you can receive from Mary Kay for this gel is .4 fluid ounces, which is a huge cut compared to most product’s average amount of 1 or more fluid ounces.

However, some customers do say that the product still lasts them about a month and a half, but it all depends on how much you use and how often you use it.

Therefore, when applying the gel, it is important that you use only a little bit and apply it only in the places that need it and contain puffiness.

Eye gel Mary Kay

Pricing of Mary Kay Eye Gel

On Mary Kay’s company website, the Indulge Soothing Eye Gel is listed for a price of $16 flat, which is a great price compared to its other competitors’ listings.

However, for that $16 you only receive .4 fluid ounces of product, as I previously discussed.

But this $16 price is only the official listing posted on the Mary Kay website. In the product’s description, the website states that “all prices are suggested retail.”

This means that $16 is the price that Mary Kay suggests retailers sell their product for. However, not all stores and other online shopping websites might sell the same product for the same price.

For example, on, there are several different listings for the Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel, all of which are the same .4 fluid ounces.

However, each one of their list prices are different.

One is $16.90, another is $15.00, another is $18.99, and some are even $25.00.

What Others Think About It

On Mary Kay’s website, the Indulge Soothing Eye Gel has received an overall average rating of an astounding 4.9 stars out of a 5-star maximum, left by a total of 28 customer reviews.

One customer says that she has been using this mary kay eye gel for years now, and that it is the only product she has ever used that takes immediate effect. She also says that it tightens her under eyes and reduces the puffiness instantly, and she uses it under makeup and before another moisturizer.

Another customer says that she keeps the eye gel in her desk at work everyday and applies a little bit throughout the day whenever she begins to feel tired, drowsy, and like she doesn’t have enough energy. She says that the product is very refreshing and makes her look like she has a ton of energy even if she doesn’t feel like it.

One person also says that they use it during allergy season to reduce puffiness caused by the air. I think this is quite a creative way to use the product, and they say that it works just as well.

Overall, it is obvious that the customers of this mary kay eye gel absolutely love it and recommend it, and that Mary Kay has made good on all of the promises its product makes to buyers.

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What We Think About It

I think that as far as customer satisfaction goes, the Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel has definitely proven itself as an effective and promising moisturizer and depuffer.

With almost a perfect rating, customers are complimenting the product’s ability to give them instant results after applying it, which is a huge pro.

It doesn’t take the product days or weeks like many other products, and is a great thing to keep for on the go purposes in case you start to feel tired and drowsy (or even if you have allergies).

The price also makes it very affordable compared to other moisturizers, creams, and gels that can be very costly. And while the price is cheap, the results are rich.

However, one thing that I found disappointing with the product was the fact that it only came in .4 fluid ounces. I would have expected more from a cosmetic product such as this, especially when other moisturizers typically come in bottles of 1 ounce or more.

Regardless, everything else about the product seems to be loved by the customers.

In my opinion, this Mary Kay eye gel very well could be the right one for you!

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