Acne is something we probably all have experienced at least once in our lives, unless you are a super human who has struck lucky.

And because of this fact, we can all agree upon this one thing concerning acne: it is not fun to have around.

We experience acne when we hit puberty, if we have oily skin, and even if it simply runs through our family genes.

However, it is important to acknowledge that acne is different in everyone, including how easy or hard it is to get rid of.

For this reason, companies, scientists, doctors, and dermatologists alike have spent years researching acne and then developing new technologies, medications, treatments and more to help prevent acne, reduce it, and eliminate it.

One of those many products in the beauty and skin care marketplace is Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel.

Developed by one of the largest beauty and skin care companies in the world, this acne gel might have what it takes to get rid of your irritating acne.

But, how good is it really?

In this review, I will be giving you everything from the details and descriptions to the pros to cons and customer satisfaction rates of Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel.

Honesty is Important to Us

Not every product is the right product for you, and there is definitely no such thing as a perfect one.

Therefore, I do my best to help you make an informed decision as to whether this product is that right one by prioritizing three things vital to your trust as a potential customer: honesty, integrity, and accuracy.

If I see in customer reviews that a company is promising things that a product will give, but the people who have actually bought it say otherwise, than there is no way I will recommend you to give your trust over to that company.

It is important this product review keeps a realistic view, and in order to do so, I will always provide you with the pros and the cons, the likes and the dislikes, and all of the customer compliments and complaints.

What is Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel?

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Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel is a product produced by Mary Kay, a beauty and skin care company, that strives to eliminate your current acne and blackheads while preventing new ones from coming.

Not only does it help with acne, but it also helps with pores by penetrating them, as well as eliminating most blemishes.

Basically, the gel serves as a 5 in 1: acne eliminator, blackhead eliminator, pore penetrator, blemish remover, and pimple preventer.

Furthermore, the acne treatment gel boasts online that it has been clinically tested and therefore proven to dry and clear blemishes.

According to, the gel has also been tested by dermatologists as well.

Therefore, they can guarantee that the gel has been tested specifically for skin irritancy and skin allergy, making you feel much safer and secure when applying it to your sensitive skin.

Finally, the gel has also been proven to be hypoallergenic.

Acne Treatment from Mary Kay

How Does Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel Work?

The Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel is made up of two key ingredients: benzoyl peroxide (which accounts for 5% of the formula) and cucumber extract.

The benzoyl peroxide is responsible for eliminating and ultimately killing the roots of acne as well as pores, on the outer layer and surface of the skin.

Benzoyl peroxide is also available for over the counter acne treatments and has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA). The administration has also deemed the drug to be safe and effective, specifically for mild or occasional acne.

The cucumber extract is responsible for making the skin feel soft and smooth after using the treatment gel, as the extract itself is known for having elite calming and soothing properties. Furthermore, the extract is also great for brightening the skin, and is in charge of repairing the look and smoothness of your skin after your acne is gone. Once again, this is a feature that cucumber extract is known for: being an excellent skin brightener.

Additionally, the cucumber extract has some of its own ingredients. These ingredients are responsible for giving you an almost instant result after using the treatment gel, such as the optical diffusion and light reflection. Other ingredients provide immediate benefits such as a more even-looking skin.

How Do I Use Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel?

In order to receive the best results and all of the benefits from the Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel, it is important that you know exactly how to apply it and when.

First, it is vital that you clean your skin before putting on the gel. This is important because you want the gel to do its job cleaning the deepest parts of your skin that you can’t clean yourself, not wasting its benefits on the outer layers that are easy for you to reach.

Secondly, don’t just cover one section of your face with the acne gel, instead make sure that you cover the entire affected area or better yet, your entire face. This should be done with just a thin layer of the gel and three times daily.

However, when first starting out with Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel, it is best if you start with just one application a day. This is because if you start out using too much of the gel, your skin might experience a bit of “shock” and quickly dry out.

Instead, start with one per day for the first week or so, and then gradually increase to 2 to 3 applications per day.

Additionally, if you do start experiencing dryness or peeling, reduce the amount of times you apply the gel. For example, if you have been using it 3 times per day but are starting to notice your face peeling, then go down to 2.

Finally, this acne treatment gel does not serve as a substitute for sunscreen. If you are going to be exposing your skin to the hot sun, it is important that you let the gel dry and then apply your sunscreen as usual.

lady with acne problem

Why Choose Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel?

So by now you are probably wondering why you should consider Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel when there are so many other products out there that promise the same things.

Is Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel truly worth the investment, and how well does it compare to other companies and products?

One of the first things that I noticed about this product is that this acne treatment gel produced by Mary Kay is giving you more for your money than most other treatment products would.

For example, for the price of a single bottle of product, you are getting 4 other benefits other than acne elimination: pore cleansing, evening out of the skin, prevention from future acne and blackheads, and reducing of blemishes.

This one product says it can solve all 5 of these commonly faced problems, instead of wanting you to buy 5 separate products to do each task.

However, one thing that is different compared to many other products is that the Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel comes in only a 1 ounce bottle, whereas most beauty and skin care products come in 1.7 ounce bottles.

So while you are getting more benefits for your money, you probably aren’t getting more product for your money.

Additionally, the price for this treatment gel is much cheaper than most other acne treating products, sometimes by more than 3 times less. I’ll talk more about the actual pricing in a while.

However, another downfall to the product is that it is currently not available online, so it must be either prescribed by a dermatologist (or the like), purchased over the counter, or suggests contacting your Independent Beauty Consultant to check for availability, if you have one.

One of the biggest pros, though, is that the Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel is suitable and can be used by all skin types, whether dry, normal, oily, or anything else, whereas many others are specific and limited to certain types of skin.

applying make acne treatment from Mary Kay

Pricing for Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel

The acne treatment gel is listed online on Mary Kay’s official company website for a cheap $7 flat.

However, the website also says that the product is not sold online and only in stores or anywhere else recommended by an Independent Beauty Consultant, so the prices might (and probably do) vary from store to store.

For example, the same product is listed on for a total of [amazon fields="B00DAGKUX8" value="price"], which is $3 more expensive than the listing on Mary Kay’s website.

What Are Others Saying About It?

On Mary Kay’s official website, the product has received only one customer review.

The review, however, was a 5 star out of 5 star maximum rating. The customer states that she has been using the Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel for about 2 or 3 months and that it has literally saved her skin, and says that the product is very underrated.

The customer goes on to say that she has never liked a product so much, and even though it only comes in a 1 ounce bottle, it has lasted her for about the whole 2 to 3 months.

However, while one customer review isn’t very attractive for a product, the same one has received a much more appealing 4.5 star out of 5 star maximum rating on Amazon, left by 90 customers.

Customers all over Amazon are complimenting the acne treatment gel for not burning the skin or causing dryness, as well as seeing extremely fast results.

One customer says that her granddaughter began using it and saw results as quick as 2 to 3 days, and after 2 weeks her acne was completely gone.

Other customers say that their acne, too, cleared up almost immediately and that they haven’t had an outbreak since. Plus, they say that a little bit goes a long way, and that using just a little bit of the gel gives you very strong results.

The main complaint customers have had is that the company Mary Kay has updated the product since their original, and buyers who were using the old kind were not as satisfied with the updated version.

However, most say that they still choose to use it.

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What I Think About It

Overall, I think that the Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel has been enjoyed and satisfactory to many customers, having a good reputation, and is sold for an extremely fair and affordable price.

However, it did have several cons, some including simply inconveniences, and a bit more than I would have personally liked to have seen for a product.

For example, not being sold online directly from Mary Kay is a huge inconvenience and it can get a bit confusing for people trying to find it in stores.

Also, the lack of reviews on Mary Kay’s official website.

However, I believe that the 90 reviews left on Amazon have given the Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel a bit of redemption for that.

Additionally, the product itself says that it is supposed to take up to 8 weeks before you actually see any results. Even though many customers claim to have seen results in much shorter than the average 8 weeks, even drastically different claims such as those to have supposedly seen improvement within days, the product is still not as fast working as others in the marketplace.

Also, this is not the product for you if you have bad or severe acne. On the Mary Kay website and Amazon, the company states that the product is for mild and occasional acne only.

This definitely limits the number of people who can benefit from it and if you are one of those people, this is clearly not the right product for you.

So, overall, I think that the product is worth the buy if you have mild or occasional acne and can come in useful just to keep it on hand, especially since it is quite a cheap buy.

However, if you have worst acne problems, then you will probably find better luck elsewhere.

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