Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body.

They are by far one of the most sensitive parts, reacting harshly and painfully to the slightest touch of any chemical or harsh substance.

Each pair of eyes has a certain color. Whether they are the average brown or blue, or the rarest shade of hazel or amber, they are your eyes.

Furthermore, your eyes hold every emotion you could ever feel just. Whether you are happy or sad, frustrated or scared, wide awake or tired, your eyes are a definite giveaway of what you are feeling.

It’s obvious that you want to keep your eyes the freshest, prettiest, and softest they can be, right?

But not only are your eyes the giveaway of the emotions you are feeling, but they can also the giveaway of your age.

As we get older, we start to notice more wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, even redness, and a dull, tired look in and around our eyes on a more and more regular basis. It’s the reason so many people are getting facelifts, plastic surgery, anti aging products, and using natural and herbal remedies.

But, the cosmetic and skin care company Clinique thinks that they have just the right product for you and your beautiful eyes.

The Clinique All About Eyes Cream is specifically designed to improve the appearance of and bring back the youth to your eyes by eliminating all of the visible signs of aging that you used to not have.

But, is it really all that the company makes it out to be, and what have others said about it?

Honesty is Important to Us

Honesty should be a core value held by every company, product, and person.

Therefore, when I write reviews for any product, I keep these three essential values in mind: honesty, integrity, and accuracy.

Is the company being honesty by actually providing their customers with all of the benefits that the product says it will give them?

Is the product really giving the customers the benefits and results accurately guaranteed in the product’s description?

I would never recommend a company or product to you if they have not demonstrated that they are being honest, having integrity when it comes to serving their customers, and providing accurate and realistic views and details of their products.

Your trust is extremely important to me, and I realize that there is no such thing as a perfect product, so I do my best to provide you with a realistic view of the cream in order to help you make the right, informed decision that is best for you and your skin.

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What is Clinique All About Eyes Cream?

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The Clinique All About Eyes Cream is a cream product that, when applied properly to your skin, decreases the amount of and rids your eyes of puffiness, removes under eye circles and dark spots, and even holds your eye makeup in place.

The cream is a non-creep, cream, and gel like formula that has been tested by ophthalmologists, and excludes commonly harsh ingredients. These ingredients consist of parabens, phthalates, fragrance, alcohol, and mineral oil, all of which the Clinique All About Eyes Cream excludes from its formula.

However, something that is not so attractive about the product is the other ingredients that it does include.

These ingredients are listed on the Clinique website, and there is an enormous list of them, most of which I don’t know how to pronounce and won’t try spelling.

This is very unusual and unattractive compared to other anti aging products such as the many from Mary Kay, Cetaphil, Skin Ceuticals, and more.

Plus, Clinique doesn’t guarantee that their formula and ingredients will always stay the same. They state on their website that the ingredients are subject to change and variations from time to time without notice other than updating their product description. They say that in order to see what ingredients were included in your product, to look at the ingredient list on the package you received after purchasing it.

As for the size and capacity of the Clinique All About Eyes Cream, you can choose to order either the 0.5-ounce jar or the 1-ounce jar. However, the price varies by a ton depending on which size you select.

When ordering, you can also choose to have the product auto delivered to you after a certain period or whether you want it to be just a one-time purchase.

When choosing to have the product auto delivered to you, Clinique’s recommended delivery cycle is a shipment of the product every 6 weeks. However, you can select other intervals by scheduling your shipments.

How Do I Use Clinique All About Eyes Cream?

In order to receive the maximum results and benefits from the Clinique All About Eyes Cream, it is important that you use the product the right way and at the right time of day.

The first step in applying the Clinique All About Eyes Cream is to apply it to your full face in the morning.

To apply the product, carefully dip one of your fingers into the jar of cream. It is important to note that with this product, a little bit goes a long way. It can be easy to get too much cream on the finger, but all you need is a sparingly little amount.

Then, use the finger to gently press and apply the product into the lower eye section and the brow bone, or wherever you get puffiness around the eye. To apply the product correctly, use a gentle patting motion with the finger that you use to carry the eye cream.

Additionally, after the cream has been applied to your skin, it works as a great concealer, as it actually holds your eye makeup in place at the same time.

Applying the product to your skin is very simple and convenient, but morning is not the only time of day that you are supposed to use it.

To receive all of the results in the fastest time possible, use the Clinique All About Eyes Cream at least twice a day: once in the morning, and once at night.

At night, simply follow the same application pattern and process as you did in the morning.

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Pricing of Clinique All About Eyes Cream

The price displayed on the Clinique website for the product is a little above $30.

However, do not be deceived. Clinique gives you the option of ordering the half ounce product or the 1-ounce product. And while you might think this doesn’t make too big of a difference in price, it definitely does.

This price compared to several other anti aging eye cream products is definitely a bit high. Most other that I have seen and even reviewed are anywhere from $16 to $25.

However, one of the pros to this is that Clinique currently has a deal going on for orders of $40 or more, which would apply to you if you choose the 1 ounce eye cream.

The deal is that for orders of $40 or more, you also receive the most wanted kit by Clinique for absolutely free, which is 4 of Clinique’s best selling products: the super lightweight water jelly (which hydrates the skin), the cult classic black honey (which is a liquid face soap), a gentle cleanser, and an intense eyeliner.

You can get this added benefit and bonus to any order of $40 or more by using the code 4TOLOVE.

What Others Think About It

On the official Clinique website, customers have definitely expressed their opinion of the Clinique All About Eyes Cream.

The review section proudly displays a very attractive customer satisfaction rate. The product has an overall average of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars maximum, with customer reviews left by 1026 users thus far.

It also shows a statistic saying that 95% of their customers and reviewers recommend the Clinique All About Eyes Cream.

One happy customer said that she switched from her normal drugstore makeup, which had been causing her very bad flare ups around her eyes and sensitive skin, to the Clinique All About Eyes Cream. She says that she has not had one of her painful flare ups since, and she no longer has sensitive skin issues. The customer also reported to now have less lines on her face and gave the product a 5 star review.

Another customer says that the product takes action immediately and gets to work fast. The results are seen instantly, as she says that it soothes tired eyes, making them look full of energy, as well as reducing the puffiness of her eyes. She reports saying that it only takes a tiny bit of the product for her to see immediate results in the morning and says that it brightens her eyes as well and works great as an eyeshadow primer.

Finally, a third customer says that they were told by a skin therapist on a cruise that the reason she had puffiness around her eyes was because her skin was dry. The customer says that instead of buying their expensive product, she found the All About Eyes Cream by Clinique and has been a Clinique customer in the past. She said that she was truly amazed, even after having bought things from the company so many times in the past. She reports to have less puffiness around her eyes after using the product for just 1 to 2 days, and that even her dark circles were practically gone. She says that she has been using it for 3 weeks at the time of the review, and says that since then, nearly all of her dark circles and puffiness are completely gone and unnoticeable.

However, not all customers were happy ones with the Clinique All About Eyes Cream.

There have been a total of 20 one star reviews, and the customers pretty much all have the same complaint in common.

They say that the product made their puffiness or dark circles even worse, and that it caused terrible irritation, itchiness, and stinging sensations to their eyes.

One customer says that they woke up in the middle of the night after using the product for the first time to having extremely swollen eyes, which were also very itchy and red. She says that she has had eczema for the following week and does not recommend the product to anyone.

However, another customer didn’t necessarily complain of any pains or skin problems because of the product, but rated it 1 star simply because they said that it didn’t do anything special compared to the daily moisturizer they have already been using. The customer said that they saw it as a complete waste of money for the price it was listed at and not doing anything much different than the average moisturizer. She said they she had been using it for over a month and has seen no results.

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What I Think About It

The first thing that I would list as a definite con of the product is the high price. I really don’t find it necessary that a product be listed for so high for the one job that it does and for only half an ounce, not even to mention the price for a full ounce.

However, I do feel like the customers who loved it had very good reason to. The product seems to have proven itself to be trustworthy, beneficial, and promising, with 797 people giving it 5 stars and 154 giving it 4 stars.

Of course, not everyone will have the same experience, as there is no such thing as a perfect product.

However, according to Clinique, 95% of people who have used it are loving it, and I can see how that is true.

So, will you love it as well?

If you don’t mind spending a bit more of your money than the usual for a product that has supposedly worthwhile results, than I would recommend trying it.

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