The Best Face Moisturizers Available Right Now

What are the benefits of a good facial moisturizer?

Most people don’t moisturize their skin every day, but they definitely should. Not only does moisturizing your face help you feel and look younger, it can also improve the health of your skin overall. The best facial moisturizers leave you with soft, bouncy skin that is well-hydrated and rejuvenated. A daily face moisturizer is a good health regimen for both men and women, despite the stigma that it is simply a beauty technique.
A daily moisturizer can also help your skin stand up to sun damage. Moisturizer combats the harmful rays of the sun, especially when it contains with the right SPF. If you are commonly outdoors or subject to dry, hot, or sunny conditions, you will benefit greatly from adding a daily facial moisturizer to your regular beauty routine.

How We Rate the Best on the Market

The best face moisturizers on the market will have the best quality at the most reasonable cost. They will also contain high-quality ingredients and be free of harsh chemicals or other unnecessary and damaging additives like coloring or perfumes. You should also take care when using moisturizers with alpha-hydroxy acids and other similar acids, which can irritate sensitive skin.

It is also key to recognize that the best face moisturizers will have different properties from body moisturizers. Facial moisturizers should be free of greasy hydrating agents that are common in body moisturizers. The skin on the face works and is built differently from the rest of the body, and thick moisturizers tend to clog pores and cause acne. Over-moisturizing the face, to the point of triggering skincare issues, is counter intuitive to the benefits of a good moisturizing routine.

The 10 Best Facial Moisturizers Available on the Market Right Now

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Confidence in a Cream says it all with its name. This product plumps up the skin to create a firmer, more even skin texture, filling lines and decreasing the sight of wrinkles. Great for all skin types, this cream was developed by plastic surgeons with wrinkle reduction and skin health in mind. The cream’s main ingredients are glycerin and fruit oil, both of which are naturally found ingredients that are not as harsh as commonly used chemicals in the dermatology business.

While not fragrance- free, most online reviews state that the cream does not contain any harsh or overbearing fragrances, making it a pleasant addition to your daily routine.

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This face cream is infused with two of dermatology’s favorite essential oils, bergamot and blue chamomile. These popular essential oils are well known and recommended by dermatologists for their cooling and anti-inflammatory agents. Together, these essential oils work together to rejuvenate, refresh, and soften the skin.

The cream is said to absorb easily, meaning a little goes a long way. According to most online reviews, it leaves the skin with a smooth and silky feel because of its complex hydrating agents. For the globally-conscious among us, it’s also worth taking note that the cream is cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

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Using the potent hydration benefits of Hyaluronic Acid, this cream works fast to rehydrate dry skin and bring it to a more youthful state. Because of this added compound, the cream is known to retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water, which it draws directly from the atmosphere.

Because this cream is so committed to retaining and adding moisture, it leaves out alcohol as an ingredient. Alcohol is known to dry out the skin and, while it is an effective ingredient in facial cleansers, is not a great ingredient when trying to rejuvenate your complexion. Moisture plumps and firms the skin, so if you struggle with wrinkles and laugh lines, this product is an excellent choice.

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This cream reduces wrinkles from day one of its use. Because it plumps facial tissue and provides a thicker tissue base, wrinkles begin to fill in almost immediately once the cream is applied. Using fruit extract and glycerin, the sculpting cream turns to natural ingredients rather than chemicals to produce the desired rejuvenating effects.

Olay has a long and high reputation of producing quality beauty and skincare products at an affordable price. This product seems to be more of the same from the Olay line. The brand is a name that is well-trusted, so if you’re newly venturing to find the best face moisturizer for you, this isn’t a bad place to start.

[amazon_link asins=’B001IM5VT4|B001IM5VT4|B001IM5VT4′ template=’ImageLink’ store=’weareaging_us-20|weareaging_ca-20|weareaging_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

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Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer boasts an SPF 15 rating, meaning that not only does it provide rejuvenating and hydrating qualities, but it also helps to protect your skin from the sun. Because the moisturizer can block some of the sun’s harmful rays, it is able to correct blotchiness of the skin that is commonly associated with age or sun damage.

Even better, this product is sulfate-free, hypoallergenic, and unscented. This makes it an excellent choice for people who struggle with sensitive skin, itchy skin, or allergy issues.  Look no further if you are seeking relief from the harsh elements of day-to-day life.

[amazon_link asins=’B004KPYWM8|B004KPYWM8|B004KPYWM8′ template=’ImageLink’ store=’weareaging_us-20|weareaging_ca-20|weareaging_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

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Laneige has a reputation for creating products that leave people feeling refreshed. This one absorbs quickly and lists Evening Primrose root extract as one of its main ingredients. Evening Primrose root extract is important because it helps the skin fully take in the moisturizer’s goodness at night.

Because this face cream is so good at holding in moisture, it holds huge benefits in improving uneven texture and filling in wrinkles and fine lines of the face that frequently show our age.

[amazon_link asins=’B01M0J05G8|B01M0J05G8|B01M0J05G8′ template=’ImageLink’ store=’weareaging_us-20|weareaging_ca-20|weareaging_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

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Dr Jart + Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment touts the highest SPF rating on our list with an impressive SPF30. This means that it provides the highest level of sun protection of any of the top face creams we are outlining today.

This moisturizer is also infused with calcium and magnesium to help clear up blemishes and relax the skin, creating an even and firm tone. For an added “wow” factor, it rubs on green and changes to match your skin tone as it works. That’s how you know it’s working, absorbing into the skin and reacting with the atmosphere around you to give you a flawless complexion and an even skin tone.

[amazon_link asins=’B01KIG5C9E|B01KIG5C9E|B01KIG5C9E’ template=’ImageLink’ store=’weareaging_us-20|weareaging_ca-20|weareaging_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

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This face cream contains a powerful antioxidant to improve your skin tone and overall health of your face. Many online reviewers claim that they took on an almost instant “glow” after using the product and could see immediate changes to health of their skin.

This lotion is lightweight, which keeps it from clogging pores or resulting in a greasy build up. It is also sulfate-free, making it an excellent choice for anyone who struggles with sensitive skin. If you’re in the market to try something new, this is definitely a product that is worthy of your attention.

[amazon_link asins=’B00NR1YQHM|B00NR1YQHM|B00NR1YQHM’ template=’ImageLink’ store=’weareaging_us-20|weareaging_ca-20|weareaging_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost is made with Olive Extract. This ingredient instantly quenches dry skin and is known to be a strong moisturizer and antioxidant. This can keep the skin hydrated for up to 48 hours after applying the cream, meaning the skin is continuing to get healthier up to two full days after application.

The cream is also dye- free, which reduces the exposure of your skin to harsh chemicals.

[amazon_link asins=’B00PE671X4|B00PE671X4|B00PE671X4′ template=’ImageLink’ store=’weareaging_us-20|weareaging_ca-20|weareaging_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’]

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This paraben-Free moisturizer is effective in decreasing redness in the skin related to breakouts or irritation. If you frequently struggle with red, itchy patches on the face, then this is probably the best product on our list for you to reach for.

One of the main ingredients of this cream is radish extract, which helps to protect against skin damage and even the overall tint of your facial coloring.

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Right Facial Moisturizer For You

When shopping for the best face moisturizer for your skin, you need to take into account your current skin type and condition. Depending on the way your skin accepts moisturizers, you will want to look for different key ingredients and offerings from your choice. Below are some of the most commonly sought-out elements when it comes to making this choice.

Protection from the Sun

Good skin protection is a wise thing to look for, no matter what your skin type. Most dermatologists agree that the best face moisturizers have an SPF of at least 30. This will help your face withstand the damaging rays of the sun, allowing you to skip sunblock and shorten your beauty routine.

Dry Skin

Dry Skin

If you struggle with dry facial skin, you can up the moisturizing content on your face cream. This means that a heavier moisturizer will probably be your best bet. Look for ingredients like glycerin and lanolin, but be sure you aren’t applying the moisturizer on too thick. There is always a risk of over-moisturizing your skin which can result in skin conditions like acne or a greasy appearance. Use thick moisturizers in moderation and be ready to switch when your skin reaches a manageable level of saturation.
itchy skin

Itchy Skin

Usually allergies are the cause of an itchy face. In this case, a 1% hydrocortisone skin cream can be used, but should not be used for longer than a week. If the itching doesn’t let up after this time, consult a physician.Sensitive Skin
If you suffer from sensitive skin, you’ll definitely want to steer toward fragrance-free moisturizers that contain less ingredients. The fewer ingredients a facial moisturizer contains, the better the odds that it won’t create an issue with your skin.
oily skin

Oily Skin

Non-comedogenic facial moisturizers are best for overly oily skin. They won’t clog pores and will prevent your skin from building up an overly oil “film,” which can lead to issues with complexion and breakouts.


It’s hard to find the best face moisturizer to use on skin that is afflicted with eczema, but it’s not impossible. Petroleum jelly-based moisturizers are safe to use on eczema. They will not only soothe breakouts, but can also maintain supple skin.

Need for Antioxidants

If you struggle with uneven skin tone, flaky skin, or loss of elasticity, some antioxidants couldn’t hurt. Keep an eye out for ingredients like chamomile, green tea, licorice root, or pomegranate.

In Review

If you’re shopping for the best face moisturizer, there are a lot of things to consider. You’ll need to take an inventory of your personal skincare needs, the state your skin is currently in, and any allergies or sensitivities you might have to work around.

Once you have taken note of your personal needs, select your best match from the aforementioned products. We have taken care to highlight the best face moisturizers for a variety of skincare needs. Any of the ten are great products, but none are better than the others, in general. As everyone’s skin is different, it will have different needs. The important part is picking what’s best for you.

Regardless of which moisturizer you choose, though, the key is to at least use something. By moisturizing your skin daily, you will be improving the appearance and overall health of your face. This is key in not only looking your best, but also feeling your best. You owe it to yourself to find and use the best face moisturizer for you, personally.

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