What you put on your face is important for the health of your skin. Because of that, it’s important to weigh the options available on the market today in relation to the price. Before you make a purchase as important as an eye cream, you need to understand what makes the product unique, what ingredients go into the cream that makes it stand out, if it’s worth the price tag, and if it actually works. We lay down everything you need to know in order to make an educated decision and pick the best eye cream for your needs.

What Clinique’s Eye Cream is All About

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Clinique’s All About Eyes is a gel that is light and was created to help tackle common eye issues such as shadows, fine lines or puffiness. It’s fast-absorbing and provides immediate relief that lasts and protects your skin’s natural collagen production.

Thanks to the ingredients, it can de-puff, smooth lines, and even strengthen the skin's moisture from common daily pollutants and irritants in the environment. The cream helps fight against environmental damage and can be used as a primer to help your eye makeup last longer.

Safe to use on and around the eye, the best eye creams on the market today have been tested and backed by an ophthalmologist. Although, young children should not use this product.

This product may just be the best Clinique eye cream yet. Use it each morning and night after Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System and apply to the eye area using the ring finger in a gentle, patting motion for the best results each time.

What Makes This Cream Unique?

One of the biggest factors that make Clinique’s skin care products unique is that the brand has been manufactured for a very long time. It’s a leading and trusted company in the skin care industry, and people overall enjoy their products.

All About Eyes was created to fight the most common eye problems, in both adults, like skin aging near the eyes and the fine lines that begin in the corner of the eye. But they also tackle issues women of any age face such as dark circles and puffiness.

By using special ingredients like wheat bran extract, the skin around the eye can remain moisturized and you can prevent wrinkles from developing any further. All of the ingredients combine to form a non-greasy cream that is lightweight, and this may be one of All About Eye’s best features. Even better, the cream has no fragrance and was created without harmful things like alcohol, parabens, oils, or sulfates.

Plus, it is created for all types of skin. Whether you have dry or sensitive skin, are more of a combination/oily person, or have completely normal skin, Clinique’s All About Eyes works.

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Clinique Eye Cream Specifications

Clinique’s cream is produced with some essential ingredients that help boost the skin around the eyes. The following is a list of the best ingredients found in Clinique’s eye cream and what each does for your skin’s health.

Wheat Bran

Wheat Bran granule

Previously mentioned, wheat bran is great for moisture and in fighting aging effects. It fights pollutants using antioxidant abilities, and it is especially helpful when it comes to fighting off dry skin trouble.


coffee beans for caffeine

Some call it a wake up waiting to happen. An antioxidant for the skin, caffeine also has other benefits like improved blood circulation. It can also be used to soothe some problems with irritated skin.

Mulberry Root

Mulberry Root for potting

One of the best ingredients in this cream, mulberry root helps brighten the skin and corrects uneven skin tones. Along with the antioxidant effects, this ingredient helps prevent any further damage to your skin.

Olive Fruit

Olive Fruit in its branch

Nearly every household worldwide loves olive fruit thanks to the vast number of health benefits associated with its use. It can be used as an antioxidant, and it even has immune-boosting and antibacterial abilities that aid the skin.

Scutellaria Baicalensis Root

Scutellaria Baicalensis plant

Well-loved in the industry as a reliable anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredient, this extract is exactly what you need to hide shadows and take away puffiness. It can also brighten the skin.

Green Tea Leaf

green tea with green tea leaf

Known to have anti-aging effects when applied properly, this extract can also work as an antioxidant. It even has calming effects that can be useful for treating eye puffiness, eye irritation, or previously damaged skin.

The Price You Pay for Clinique Eye Cream

Clinique eye cream is definitely worth the price tag, but the cost will often differ from one marketplace to another, depending on where you buy your favorite products. All About Eyes is available online and in stores.

For example, Sephora sells All About Eyes online and in stores for around $33. You can also find it on the Clinique official website for the same price. However, you may be able to find the cream online for less. Amazon also has it on sale.

Public Perception of All About Eyes

Clinique’s All about Eyes is a great formula because of the manufacturer’s esteemed reputation in the industry, a wonderful ingredient list that tends to perform as they’re supposed to, and an overall list of positive customer reviews on Sephora.

But like any product on the market today, Clinique eye cream comes with a few unhappy reviews.

The most common negative remark is that it is not effective for moderate or severe signs of aging because some people think the high price tag should offer more. There are definitely more expensive products on the market, and overall All About Eyes is considered an affordable option, but if your budget only increases drugstore products, this may be on the higher end of your budget.

Some reviews also say to make sure not to use too much or you will make your eyes water. Only a dab of the product is needed before it begins to work. In a Dillard’s review, a user said that “After applying even a tiny amount of this product, my eyes immediately look and feel so much better. Reduces puffiness and soreness; also brightens and works well as an eyeshadow primer. Never irritates my sensitive eyes.”

Overall, many reviewers say it works well. Just be sure not to use too much and test to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction on a small patch of skin first if there are any ingredients you’re worried about. Although, most people have no problems with allergic reactions or harmful side effects.

How Clinique Stacks Up to the Competition

There are other similar eye products from various brands on the market today that are worth mentioning, all of which are similar in pricing as well. If this eye cream is outside of your budget, you may consider looking for one that’s more targeting toward your specific eye issue to lessen the price. As it stands, Clinique’s All About Eyes has something for everyone at a cost that’s worth it.

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Creme is available on their website for around $36, and it provides a boost that can match up with Clinique. They’re both good for reducing puffiness around the eyes and can be used with any skin type, but Aveda has licorice root that can offer added soothing effects than Clinique offers.

Another alternative is Origin’s GinZing refreshing eye cream, which sells on their site for $32. Amazon and Sephora both have the same prices, and this eye cream is said to start working as soon as it touches your skin. To make it a step above Clinique, it even has UV protection to fight off harmful sun rays as well as healing ingredients.

All of these products are similar to each other in that they are used to treat the same eye issues, are available for all skin types, and help with beautifying the face without alcohol, sulfate, or parabens. They’re all easy to use and cost-effective for most people, especially in comparison to other expensive eye creams on the market.

However, even though they are all applied under the eyes or the on the eyelid and are said to work on all types of skin, some Clinique reviews have also said it can feel oilier if you don’t have dry skin, which hasn’t been said to be a problem with Origin or Aveda’s options.

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Weighing Out All About Eyes

Some of the advantages of this product aside from being relatively affordable and effective are listed below. However, there are demerits to any product, so it is best to learn from the reviews out there and decide for yourself. Everyone is different, and there is no one size fits all when it comes to eye cream. But if there were, Clinique would be close.

The Advantages of This Eye Cream

The ingredients that were used to create Clinique’s eye cream are clinically proven to be effective when it comes to reducing eye puffiness and dark circles. Plus, many different types of skin can benefit from using this cream.

Some of the most popular issues involving the eye for men and women of all ages are puffiness and dark circles, but as you get older, crow’s feet and wrinkles are the common problems for most people.

There are tons of eye creams out there today, and this can make it really difficult to find one eye cream that you can use for all your major needs. An eye cream that works for so many people in so many different circumstances can take some time to find. Yet, this eye cream nearly hits requirements for all. It really is all about eyes, and it works universally.

Based on the eye cream’s ingredients and the reviews of the product, the formula has a potent moisturizing effect that is said to be great for preventing any visible signs that your skin is aging. Clinique offers a wide range of reliable products that many customers adore, and for a great reason.

The Disadvantages of Clinique’s Cream

The main downside of the eye cream is that it is not clinically proven to be effective or safe.

Many customer feedback reviews on Amazon say it doesn’t really work on fine lines and only slightly lightens severe dark circles, which means it may not work well for everyone.

If you have oily skin, you may want to choose a product that does not hydrate so much because it can only make your oil production more intense. People with dry skin or flaky skin near their eyes will adore this effect though.

More severe wrinkling may wind up requiring a more convenient use of this cream, including morning and night application. If such is your case, then it is suggested that you keep on using this eye cream consistently or search for other similar products to get better more advantage.

This eye cream also doesn’t offer a money back guarantee, which is common practice with the best anti-aging products today. Usually, expensive creams will offer some incentive to try the product before purchasing though, so you may find testers in some stores.


Our final verdict for this product is that it is of good quality and it represents a value for money well spent. From a rating of 1-5, of which 5 is the highest and one being the lowest, we rate this product at 4.7/5.

We recommend this product because it is cost-effective for most people, easy to use, and has tons of advantages because of its ingredient list. Despite a few small demerits, Clinique eye cream is worth the money it costs. While mainly ideal for older adults of all skin types or for treating of under-eye circles, puffiness, and fine lines, the cream should not be used on kids or teenagers because they could have a negative reaction. But overall it is safe and easy-to-use, another wonderful product from a much-loved brand.

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