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Have you ever struggled with overly dry, sensitive, cracked skin? We all have, at one point or another. It can feel like there’s no good solution when you are stuck in the rut of dry, cracking skin. It’s no wonder that there are now a number of products available on the market that are geared specifically toward remedying this problem.

One of the products that has people talking lately is a product called Weleda Skin Food. Because we know that there is a lot of interest in this product, we wanted to look into it a little further to determine if it was worth the hype that it has generated.

We looked through a number of online reviews, as well as the manufacturer statements and ingredients to make our determination. We also cross compared the product to similar hydrating skin care creams on the market.

What is Weleda Skin Food?

Weleda Skin Food is a $19.99 skin care product that is made with natural extracts of gentle viola tricolor, calendula, and chamomile. It is mixed into a thick combination of base oils and beeswax to hydrate skin and repair dry, cracked damage.

To use the product, it is rubbed into cracked and dry skin by applying a generous amount at least once a day. Most of the time, several applications throughout the day will be the most useful.

The skin care routine makes all layers of the skin more healthy, leaving them looking nourished and rejuvenated by using multiple naturally-occurring ingredients.

What Makes [amazon link=”B01DE37KIY” title=”Weleda Skin Food” /] Unique?

[amazon box=”B01DE37KIY”]

Although Weleda Skin Food has seen a sudden resurgence in popularity, it has actually been around for a very long time. The product was first released in 1926.

Because the product is older, we already know that it is a tried and true method of rehydrating the skin. Many of us have grandparents that are familiar with Weleda Skin Food, therefore we can trust that it works and works well.

For generations, it has been known as the “king of all moisturizers.” It has been a favorite dry skin treatment through the Great Depression, the industrial boom of the 40s and 50s, and every hand-cracking part of history since. When a product has this much staying power, you know you can trust it.

The only question that we have now is- is it still at the top of its category?

How is [amazon link=”B01DE37KIY” title=”Weleda Skin Food” /] in Comparison to its Competitors?

Weleda Skin Food is older than you are. The fact that it has remained and continued to do so well on the market speaks well for its ability to do the job it claims to do, but is it still the best moisturizer on the market?

To determine this, we took a look at some of its leading competitors. We compared ingredients, as well as skimmed through online reviews to determine how those that have tried the product for themselves have rated their success.

Below, you will find a short synopsis of our findings on each of these competing products.

Boomsilk by Cindy Joseph

Boomsilk is a full body moisturizer that uses all natural ingredients to add deep hydration to the skin. The ingredients in this product include extra virgin olive oil, honey, pollen, and other ingredients harvested from the Earth.

Like Weleda Skin Food, this product uses all natural ingredients, which also lends to making it a favorite among consumers. After reading online reviews, we determined that the product does seem to have a great deal of success, with very few consumers complaining that they didn’t see great results.

The price, however, is quite a bit higher than Weleda Skin Food. There is not much discernable difference in how the two products work or are made, so we are left questioning the price difference and whether or not Boomsilk is worth the investment.

[amazon link=”B018A0MGH6″ title=”Superfood Air Whip Moisture Cream” /]

[amazon box=”B018A0MGH6″]

This product is good for normal, oily, sensitive, or combination skin. It’s a lightweight cream that includes kale, spinach, and green tea among other ingredients to add rich hydration to the skin.

According to online listings, this product is 100% vegan meaning no animal byproducts are used in its manufacturing. Because the products are all natural, it is good for any skin type and safe to use.

All the extracts used in this product are also sourced from within the United States and cold pressed for maximum longevity.

Again, this product appears to be very similar to Weleda Skin Food, but at a much higher price. This leaves Weleda Skin Food ahead by price margin alone.

[amazon link=”B004D6UVK6″ title=”Skin Savior by One Love Organics” /]

[amazon box=”B004D6UVK6″]

This balm is said to help remove makeup without stripping the skin of natural hydration. It also helps to restore moisture to dried out skin.

The ingredients in this product are all natural, including jojoba oil, chia, mango butter, coconut oil, and citrus and vanilla. Again, all-natural ingredients seem to be a theme for hydrating skin food.

The product is listed as being good for both acne and dry skin, however, online reviews seem to disagree. In one review, a consumer tried the product in an effort to clear up her acne only to see the problem get much worse after using it. Another said that, although the product is supposed to be chemical free, there was a clear feeling of chemical burning when she used the product. Both of these claims ring alarm bells.

[amazon link=”B01BPZGF1G” title=”Hydrating Day & Night Cream by Tula” /]

[amazon box=”B01BPZGF1G”]

This product is labeled as suitable for oily, dry, combination, mature, or sensitive skin. It is also labeled cruelty and sulfate free.

Among the main ingredients found in this product are watermelon fruit extract, Retinol, and rice nutripeptides. These products are all naturally-occurring and good for the skin. They work together to lock in moisture and clear away blemishes and clogged pores.

Online reviews for the product are mixed. While some seem to be overwhelmingly positive, a scroll through the positive reviews shows several listed under different names with exact wording, which is usually an indicator of a paid review. When we remove those positive reviews from the equation, we find about a 60/40 split between positive and negative experiences.

Negative experiences include complaints about messiness and just a general failure to perform.

[amazon link=”B07657YTJZ” title=”Squalane & Probiotic Gel Moisturizer” /]

[amazon box=”B07657YTJZ”]

This is another skin moisturizer made of all-natural ingredients. This one is comprised sugarcane and squalane oil. Together, these ingredients calm redness of the skin, reduce the size of pores, and improve and maintain the facial skin’s overall hydration.

When these changes occur, we are left with a rejuvenated appearance that exhibits diminished lines and wrinkles and signs of aging.

Online reviews for this product are positive. We were hard pressed to find a single person who had tried the product and did not like it. However, the high price of this product gives it a disadvantage when it faces Weleda Skin Food head on.

What Do Online Reviews Say?

Now that we have looked through the online reviews for the competing products, it’s time to take a closer look at how people have responded to Weleda Skin Food in the online marketplace. Just as we did with the other products, we looked through each individually with a skeptical eye to determine which reviews we could trust and how their word impacts the known quality of this product.

Below, we will discuss four of the most common themes that we discovered among these reviews and how they should be weighed when deciding if Weleda Skin Food is the product you wish to use.

Great for Dry Skin

Fortunately, the product seems to do exactly what it is marketed to do, which is rehydrate dried and damaged skin. Various online reviews claimed that the product did its product well without leaving behind any kind of greasy or oily residue.

Some reviews showed photographic evidence of dried skin that was vastly improved by the use of this product. Photos of dried, cracked feet as before shots were later updated with photos of feet that appeared to have been completely healed, for instance.

We are always skeptical of claims that seem “too good to be true,” so we did look further at the photos to ensure they were the same feet in both the before and after shots. We eventually found one that had a tattoo to identify it and saw no signs of photoshopping being done to create a false result.

Does Not Irritate Sensitive Skin

Because this product is made with all-natural materials, it does not seem to irritate sensitive skin in the same way that other products might. There were a number of reviews on the internet from purchasers of Weleda Skin Food who said they had previously suffered sensitivities and allergic reactions to other products.

These reviewers had overwhelmingly positive things to say about How is [amazon link="B01DE37KIY" title="Weleda Skin Food" /] because of how mildly it worked with their sensitive skin.

Many who reviewed the product were actually very surprised to see how little their skin responded to the product because they had become accustomed to skin care products creating adverse reactions for them.

While this is a positive on the side of Weleda Skin Food, it is not a surprise. The product has been known for generations to work well for all skin types and has become a trusted source of rehydration therapy.


There is one common thing thread that all consumers check for when they are shopping for a new product and that is the price.

How is [amazon link="B01DE37KIY" title="Weleda Skin Food" /] has always been known to be reasonably priced. Today, it runs about $20 a tube, depending on the retailer you purchase your skincare products from. If you paid attention to the other reviews listed for similar products, you undoubtedly noticed that they are all priced at around twice that much or more.

There are a couple of possible reasons for this. First, we believe that, with at least some of the products, you would be paying for the brand name and not the product, itself.

Secondly, we believe that, given the current trend of using all-natural ingredients in skincare products, these companies are marketing off of what’s currently “hip.”

Because Weleda Skin Care has always just done its own thing in regard to natural ingredients, and because they continue to hold their own brand name, it’s no surprise that they have been able to maintain a reasonable price throughout the years.

Funny Smell

The one and only downside we found to using Weleda Skin Care was a pretty mild one. Some reviewers simply complained that they did not enjoy the smell of the product when they were using it. While this will likely seem like an insignificant complaint to some users, it should be remembered that certain people are more susceptible to adverse effects in relation to odors. If you frequently suffer from headaches brought on by smells, you’ll want to consider this before you move forward with using this product.

Our Take on Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin Food still seems to be at the top of its skin care category. After looking at the ingredient formula, it doesn’t seem like Weleda has changed their recipe much in the last century, and this is probably for good reason.

The product has always been known to work well and to be naturally sourced. Even before organic and natural treatments became a trendy means of developing skincare, Weleda Skin Food was already walking the walk.

Because Weleda has made a reputation for themselves over the last hundred years, they have been able to keep their pricing at a manageable rate.

When you consider the reasonable pricing of How is [amazon link="B01DE37KIY" title="Weleda Skin Food" /], its reputation for working well, the list of naturally sourced ingredients, and the quick results that are common with this product, there’s no denying that it is still king of moisturizers.

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