Are you particularly concerned about your beauty? Does the pricing of the cosmetics offered by international makeup brands seem too much? Are you searching for an all-in-one store to cater to your skin-care needs? Then this is the place where you will have all your questions answered.

In this review, we will discuss GlamGlow in detail, from its story to its products and how you can use each depending on your skin type. We will cover both the pros and cons of the brand to provide you with an authentic and unbiased review.

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Are you particularly concerned about your beauty? Does the pricing of the cosmetics offered by international makeup brands seem too much? Are you searching for an all-in-one store to cater to your skin-care needs? Then this is the place where you will have all your questions answered.

In this review, we will discuss GlamGlow in detail, from its story to its products and how you can use each depending on your skin type. We will cover both the pros and cons of the brand to provide you with an authentic and unbiased review.

GlamGlow’s Remarkable History

The idea to form GlamGlow was orchestrated by Glenn and Shannon at their humble abode situated in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. The idea brewed after an actor friend of Shannon’s complained that there was no cosmetic product on the market that creates a camera-ready glow and look in minutes. Both Glen and Shannon agreed that something of this sort is not available and could be made. Thus, the brand was born.

The brand was initially focused on Shannon’s actor friends, but it soon spread to obtain a global outreach. Initially, Glenn and Shannon gave the samples to their friends for free, and since it quickly became popular, other actors were requesting it as well. In just a few weeks, Glenn and Shannon were contacted by the vice president of a major luxury retailer who offered to retail the brand and GlamGlow was formed from just a single house in Los Angeles.

The Main Products Offered by the Brand

In the last six years, the brand has established itself as one of the leading and globally recognized companies for its beauty products. Its distribution reach is now among 86 countries with availability in about 6,500 stores worldwide.

Face Masks

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Masks are a great way to replenish your face since they soothe the skin and restore moisture. The only big drawback is that you need to apply them regularly to keep reaping their effects. It is important to give your skin some breathing time every now and then so that it can maintain its natural nutrients without interference from foreign chemicals.

There are two major types of face masks:

  • Mud Masks
  • Clay Masks

Mud masks have a moisturizing effect on your skin. They brighten your skin and enhance blood circulation in the face. Therefore, these masks are the perfect choice for people who have dry skin and especially for those who spend a lot of time outside on the street exposed to the sun, sweat, and the dirty atmosphere.

Clay masks, on the other hand, are tailor-made to tighten the skin and close your pores. Therefore, dry skin folks should stay clear from them unless a toning application is necessary. Older women and men would be the preferable target audience for such a product.

For this matter, you can go with a range of products available on the market. Their SuperMud Clearing Treatment costs $59 and gives your skin a reinvigorating experience. Best for people who are looking for a fresh appearance and clear skin.

Peter Thomas Roth (PTH) has a wide range of masks that moisturize your skin such as the Cucumber Gel Mask for $52. Olay’s Regenerist 3-point cream can be used for similar purposes. However, GlamGlow’s product focuses more on reducing the signs of aging.


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Rated 4 out of 5 Stars

A moisturizer hydrates your skin based on its nature. Face moisturizers are not just made for use on dry skin, they are also equally important for oily or normal skin. Sounds weird, right? But that’s true since moisturizers also do the work of a revitalizing agent. Inside, you can find lightweight oils that promote skin health.

If you are looking for a Hollywood-like appearance right off the bat, their moisturizer range can prove to be helpful. Use any one and you will feel the glowing effects in an instant. Fortunately, GlamGlow products are not priced very high. So, you get any moisturizing agent for around $49.

PTH has a nice range of moisturizers as well that refresh your face even on a boring Monday. You can get many products in this range under the $40 to $80 price bracket, which is pretty reasonable considering PTH sells clinically viable products.

Olay does very well in this department as well. Almost all their products are focused on reducing anti-aging effects and so with them, you will find creams and lotions that promote ageless skin. Any daily moisturizer or sun cream works well such as the Olay Total Effects Anti-Ageing which can be bought cheaply and over the counter as well.


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Rated 5 out of 5 Stars

Imagine you could get a product that would help you peel off makeup in a heartbeat and hydrate as well as cleanse your skin, making it better than ever. It’s time you started acting rather than imagining as cleansers are a hot commodity in the skincare market. All of us want to clean our faces from all the dirt and chemicals that get blown off onto our face when we are outside.  With a mixture of essential oils, minerals and salts cleansers reinvigorate your skin every time you apply them.

And seeing how our environment is often polluted, a cleanser is sort of a requirement. We would find it surprising if you are not tempted to buy one already. The benefits of using are endless, both for men and women.

The cleanser range offered by GlamGlow should cater to all your needs. The products are extremely cheap and ridiculously effective. Even the most expensive cleanser is priced at $32, which is much lower than its competitor’s price range.

When it comes to competitors though, PTH is great from home spa nights and Olay is a wonderful cheaper option. Peter Thomas Roth has a healthy line-up of cleansers and toners fit to give your skin the best at-home spa treatment.  PTH also sets the price bracket very low for their cleansers ($55). However, it is important to note that the PTH roster is much larger than GlamGlow, offering more options and choices for your needs.

Olay offers cleansing toners and cleansing face wash for your skincare needs. A cleansing face wash is much easier to use so it’s better that you opt for one if you are on the go. A travel-sized Olay face wash is also a brilliant choice for travelers. They are small, easy transport, and give a quick fresh look to your face.

Makeup Products

Glamglow makeup

Rated 2 out of 5 Stars

Looking good cannot be accomplished without using some makeup. It’s true that staying natural is the best way to go most times, as makeup can contaminate your face by causing unnecessary breakouts. But in any case, sometimes makeup is necessary. Therefore, it is important for you to have only the best makeup equipment that not only makes your face look beautiful, but it also keeps your skin healthy, safe, and hydrated.

For that matter, most women apply less makeup and go with a ‘natural’ look on their face. This can be accomplished by using nude colors and lighter shades that depict the natural color and appearance of the skin. There are some women who put on too much makeup, and maybe if they are working in the entertainment business or they are going for a photoshoot, makeup is necessary.

There is no need to worry though because your arsenal of cleansers, moisturizers, face wash, and masks will always help you revive your skin’s natural state.

GlamGlow offers a small selection of beautifying products such as lip colors. Their PLUMPRAGEOUS range, for example, consists of attractive lip colors that are available in matte, metallic, and gloss. Surprisingly, you don’t need to empty your pockets to afford such a luxury. You can get any product from the PLUMPRAGEOUS range from $9 to $20, which is as cheap as it gets.

Since Peter Thomas Roth produces clinical products for the skin, there is a very limited number of commodities pertaining to the makeup sector. The Brows to Die For Turbo mascara, for example, is a great product that you can use every day to give your eyes that sexy oomph. And all that for just under $32.

There is not a lot you will find related to makeup in the Olay store. However, their primers are worth buying. Primers can be used as a base to which you can apply further layers of makeup. The Olay primer is cheap and available for under $20.

How GlamGlow Compares to the Competition

GlamGlow has tough competition from the likes of Peter Thomas Roth (PTH) and Olay. When it comes to quality, almost all are equal.

Peter Thomas Roth takes special care of its customers and their skin by selling a variety of cleansers, mud masks, toners, serums, and moisturizers that revitalize your skin. GlamGlow, on the other hand, uses special extracts from herbs and trees from all around the world to make their products safe, healthy, and effective. The same goes for Olay, as the brand has an international reach with its products. Everything to know about their masks can be found in this wonderful guide.

While GlamGlow has great products for your skin, PTH and Olay have a very wide range of products. The small range is a huge blow to the brand in terms of market share. However, GlamGlow wins because they have products that appeal to the younger generation.

Youngsters sum up a large part of the demographic in almost all the countries of the world, and keeping that in mind, GlamGlow has created products that fit into that niche. Here, you will find glittery masks, sexy lip colors as well as makeup sprays that create the chick look all girls are looking for. However, that is not it, since the brand cares for its customer’s skin health. Therefore, products are made according to worldwide skincare requirements and ingredients such as mineral extracts and herbs that are gathered from across the globe to concoct mixtures with a lasting effect on your skin as well as on your heart.

Peter Thomas Roth is more inclined towards the clinical aspect of the industry. Generally, clinical dermatological products are quite expensive but PTH has been able to sell their health and skincare products at a marginal price. This brilliance is to such an extent that most PTH products can be bought for the same price you can buy GlamGlow products. Furthermore, the PTH range is more diverse. Visit their website and you will not only find skincare products but hair and body care products both for women and men. Their anti-aging skin products are particularly famous due to their remarkable effects.

Olay is marketed with an interesting tagline ‘ageless.’ But Olay offers more skincare products focused on reducing the signs of aging and making you look younger. Olay has gained celebrity status in recent years as many Hollywood stars have shown their interest in their products and have gained effective treatment from them. The appeal stretches to all parts of the world, with even Bollywood stars taking part in their advertisement campaigns. Reading all that, you might think that Olay products might cost a fortune, but they do not.

Surprisingly, all three of these competitor products are priced reasonably low to attract the middle-class demographic.

Choose the Best Products for Your Skin

You are putting a lot at stake when you are trusting a company with your skin, especially when it’s the skin on your face. Beautiful skin and especially an attractive face is what all of us aim for, and skincare brands help us achieve that. Therefore, before committing to any brand it is important to learn about its reviews and actual people’s testimonies on their products. This ensures you use top-class products, look beautiful, and keep your skin safe, healthy, and shining all the time.

Furthermore, it is only fair that you buy something affordable for you. That’s an advantage with the GlamGlow products, as they are worth the money and actually affordable. Almost all their products can be bought at under $100. If you go for their package deals, which are sometimes part of Sexy Steals at Sephora, you save a lot of money and get a lot of products in return.

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