Mary Kay Cosmetics: Beauty Industry Review

Mary Kay cosmetic is a huge name within the beauty industry. Mary Kay has been around since 1963. The founder of this company was Mary Kay Ash herself.

This brand has been around for several decades and doesn't show any signs of stopping. Most people know about this brand because the brand ambassadors they use to distribute products.

Of course, one can go in a Mary Kay catalog and purchase the blush, foundation or moisturizer of their choice but in almost every area of the country you can find a Mary Kay ambassador not too far away.

mary kay cosmetics

History Behind the Industry

Mary Kay Cosmetic was founded in 1963 at its storefront in Dallas, Texas. This company is privately owned, and one of the most well known in the beauty industry.

Mary Kay started this company with the idea of promoting beauty products while giving women a place to start their own business in a man’s world. This is a big deal during the early 60’s. She revolutionized the way women would view themselves and their world.

Mary Kay started out as a direct salesperson so she knew what she was doing when creating this company. The company started with only 9 beauty consultants and has grown to thousands over the years.

Things You Need to Know About Mary Kay Cosmetic

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Although most women and men have probably heard of this brand, you may be wondering exactly what it is they sell. Mary Kay started as a beauty company, but over the years, has branched out and started creating more products for a variety of people.

Mary Kay sells eye makeup, moisturizing cream, lip balms, mascara, face cleansers/scrubs, sunscreen, makeup primer, perfumes, foundations, makeup brushes, skin care, and a men's line.

Mary Kay products can be purchased individually or in packages and kits. They have a men’s grooming kit which retails for $80. This kit comes with a face wash, sunscreen, shaving foam and eye cream.


Mary Kay Cosmetic has pricing which is similar to that of other comparable brands on the market. Let’s take a look at the price range for a couple of popular Mary Kay products.

The Mary Kay foundation primer is only about eighteen dollars and comes with SPF 15 sunscreen. Their makeup remover is more or less fifteen dollars and the Mineral Foundation Powder is only around twenty dollars. These prices are pretty reasonable, and the reviews are 5 stars out of 5 stars for each of these products.

Other beauty supply products include, mascara for sixteen dollars, eyeliners for around twelve, and the translucent powder for sixteen.

Some of the skincare supplies come in different packages and bundles. One of their newer packages is the TimeWise Ultimate Miracle Set 3D which costs $165. It comes with 6 different skin care products.

You can also purchase the Satin Lips Shea Sugar Scrub for only about twelve dollars

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Benefits of Mary Kay Consultants

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Mary Kay is unique in the fact that they have the ability to assign you a private consultant. This means you can purchase orders from this person directly and they will hand deliver them to you. Most consultants will schedule a time to check in with you every week to see if you need anything else and to check if everything is going well. If you have questions you can always call or text them.

Many times, consumers buy a product without knowing what they’re actually purchasing. With a consultant in your corner you can always ask questions before making a decision to try a new product. They may also have samples available as well. When new products come out the consultant can be the one to fill you in early, so you don’t miss anything.

Mary Kay Discounts

During the holiday season, Mary Kay offers different discounts for Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s and Thanksgiving. The easiest way to keep up with these discounts is to subscribe to a Mary Kay catalog or find a consultant.

The catalog will have discounts and clearance from time to time as well. Since it comes on a monthly basis, you’ll be able to read through and find your favorite products on sale.

Amazon may have Mary Kay products at a lower price as well. To get a free makeover to find a Mary Kay consultant. They're usually not too hard to find. You probably know of one in your workplace, neighborhood or favorite hangout. Ask them about their services and you're likely to get a free makeover.

The Business Opportunity

As previously mentioned, Mary Kay hires beauty consultants or ambassador to promote the product in their neighborhood and online.

To begin, you will have to fill out a form with your name, state and email address. You will also choose a business package to start with, which includes products, flyers, and other business tools to promote the company.

There are a few ways people make money from this. They can recruit more ambassadors and make commissions off of their sales or they can sell the products they have in stock.

A quick google search shows you hundreds of beauty ambassadors and their success stories with Mary Kay cosmetic.

Mary Kay’s Competition

Mary Kay isn’t the only makeup company out there, and also isn’t the only makeup company, which gives the option for consumers to become ambassadors.

Let’s take a look at some of their top competition in the beauty industry.


avon products

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This company may be Mary Kay Cosmetics largest competitor. They offer virtually the same services, opportunities and products.

Avon has a large beauty selection which usually comes in a monthly magazine. Lipsticks, blushes, lotions, and other skin moisturizers are just a few of the many things they sell.

Like Mary Kay, they also have a line dedicated to men. Sometimes, Avon will branch out and add seasonal socks or other accessories to their product line.

Avon consumers can choose to be Avon Associates as well. This opportunity is just like Mary Kay. Associates keep up with a monthly quota to sell to consumers. They often make home runs and promote their business online or while out and about.

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Aloette products

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This company is unique because their products cater to those who have sensitive skin. Their top of the line products include makeup and other body care products which enhance natural skin care.

The difference between Aloette and Mary Kay is the products they offer. Mary Kay is mostly dedicated to beauty and makeup while this company focuses on great skin care. You’ll find more variety in facial cleansers, silk lotions, soaps, as well as bath and body packages. They even sell aromatherapy cleansers and body oils.

Like Mary Kay, you have the option to become a sales associates. According to the Aloette website, they offer 35% commissions for associates and starter kits.

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Black Box Cosmetics

BlackBox Cosmetics

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This company is completely focused on makeup and makeup tools or accessories. They sell products like foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, and a variety of makeup brushes.

Their associate program is for those who love makeup and love to sell it. To become an associate, you'll have to sign up on their website. One of the best parts about this company is you won't have to reach sales quotas or inventory.

For anyone who has ever joined a company like this, the sales quotas can be really annoying for months when the business is slow. This is the perfect opportunity for those who would rather sell products without worrying about monthly quotas.

This company has been around since 2009 and they claim to have the highest commissions and bonuses available.

Lemon Grass Spa

This company sells mineral powders, body cleansers, and essential oils. Their products are based on the spa environment and help promote health and wellness while catering to beauty.

You can order their products online or find a local consultant to assist in ordering. They have a wide variety of different oils, cleansers and natural products to choose from.

The sales opportunity with this company allows associates to buy a kit to become a member. These kits are for spa parties. Shortly after receiving the kit, associates can sell products to the people who attend their spa party and work their way up from there.

The all natural, green theme of this company is what really makes it stand out compared to others.

Lipsense by SeneGence

Lipsense by SeneGence

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This international company is known for their lipstick line. Consumers can create their own colors and palettes.

They also offer anti-aging solutions, body care products and a skincare line. They pride themselves on not being animal tested and only use people as product testers.

Lip volumizers are available through this retailer as well. Consumers also have the choice of being associated with the company. Associates get discounts ranging from 20% to 50% and commissions on their sales.

Public Perception

When comparing Mary Kay product lines, you’ll find the customer reviews are generally pretty good. Their skin care line gets an average of 4/5 stars according to their website.

There is one product on this line which received only 2/5 stars and that is the anti-aging cream. If this is the product you need perhaps you should go with a different brand.

Their makeup line averages at 4.9/5 stars. This is a great rating for their foundations, powders, and bronzers. Consumers would agree that Mary Kay produces better quality makeup than skin care products.

While some people enjoy the business opportunity Mary Kay cosmetic provides, others are reluctant to stick with it. Many people don’t like the sales quotas or inventory they have to do.

Overall, it is possible to make money while being an associate with this company. Since it’s a well-known brand it should sell easier than newer, lesser known brands.

Comparison Table


Customer Service

Product Quality


What We Think

There was a time when Avon was the best-known beauty brand for work from homes moms and business owners. Now Mary Kay has taken the lead.

We recommend Mary Kay before any other brand because of their reputation, large company, and prices. Mary Kay isn't the most expensive on the market, yet they provide amazing products.

The consistent 4 to 5-star reviews let us know how pleased consumers are with their products. Some brands cater specially to makeup lovers while Mary Kay has products for skin care, anti-aging and makeup all in one.

Now you can make an informed decision about buying this product or potentially becoming an associate who makes commissions off the sales of Mary Kay Cosmetic products.

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