Aging is something that happens to all of us, whether it is happening right now, or twenty years from now.  It’s inevitable.

However, luckily for new technology and science, there are millions of ways for us to look as if we aren’t and won’t age.

From lotions and creams, to pills and plastic surgery, people and scientists alike are testing out and experimenting with the many different ways one can seemingly “stop aging.”

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But among all of those options, one of the most effective, convenient, and safest, are moisturizers.

They can come in liquidly lotions, thick creams, or even facial masks, but the right ones are said to give almost instant results with little risk.

And Cetaphil, a skin care, skin health, and skin cleansing company, believes it has the right moisturizer for you.

Honesty is Important to Us

When writing product reviews, we realize that it is important to take into consideration 3 essential things: honesty, integrity, and accuracy, and we strive to value those every time.

In order to value these, we get our statements, ratings, and statistics from the real facts available online on the company’s website.

We also form our opinions and advice based off of other customers’ reviews and ratings, both good and bad, and we do our best to show you both sides of the product.

There is no such thing as a perfect product, meaning that there will never be only pros with no cons.  In order to help you make the best and informed decision for you and your skin, we include both.

But while there may be no such thing as a perfect product, there is such a thing as the right one for you, and it is our hope to help you the most in finding it.

What is Cetaphil Face Moisturizer?

There are actually quite a few moisturizers that Cetaphil has produced, and each has a different but specific purpose.

As listed on Cetaphil’s official website, there are a total of 7 moisturizers to choose from.

However, not all of these are specifically for the face.

Cetaphil sells and produces other skin care products such as hydrating lotion made with hyaluronic acid, night moisturizers, eye gel cream, and general moisturizing lotion.  Many of these are said to go well with their facial moisturizers, giving customers an even more soothing, bright, and refreshing look.

Facial moisturizers consist of their products: “Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15” and “Cetaphil PRO Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 20.”

SPF stands for “sun protection factor,” which is a type of measurement that is meant to tell you how long the moisturizer can protect you from damage by the sun, such as sunburn.  SPF is also the same measurement used for sunscreens.

For this review, I will focus on the “Cetaphil PRO Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 20.”

Cetaphil PRO Daily Facial Moisturizer

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Rated 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Not only does this product act as a moisturizer for the face, but it also reduces redness, whether it be from acne, dry skin, or other natural causes.

By using this moisturizer, Cetaphil guarantees you a face made of luxuriously soft skin, an even skin tone, soothed and balanced skin barriers, and decreased facial redness.

For daily use, this moisturizer strives to give you a new glowing look despite your age, and to take you back into the time of your youth.

The product is basically an extension to another product that has been made by Cetaphil, called the “Redness Moisturizer SPF 20,” which is solely for reducing and eliminating redness in the skin as well as evening out any other uneven colors on your face that don’t blend with the rest of it.  This formula helps the PRO Daily Facial Moisturizer accomplish its purpose of reducing redness and evening out skin.

Cetaphil states that the PRO Daily Facial Moisturizer includes the same formula as the Redness Moisturizer SPF 20 to fight redness just as efficiently, while also giving you the other listed benefits.

Furthermore, Cetaphil boasts that its PRO Daily Facial Moisturizer is not only non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and fragrance free, but also the fact that it is dermatologist tested and developed.

How Does Cetaphil Face Moisturizer Work?

The Cetaphil PRO Daily Facial Moisturizer is made up of a tinted formula that is designed to reduce the redness on the face by neutralizing it, essentially trying to make it the same color as the rest of your skin.

To do this, the moisturizer contains a special formula that is found in the Redness Moisturizer SPF 20, also produced by Cetaphil.

But this formula also serves another function: once applied, it attempts to not only neutralize the redness, but also to even out the skin tone on your face.

This way, your skin will have an even, one colored tint that makes all the skin blend together beautifully and brightly.

The formula and other ingredients also help to smooth and moisturize dry skin, making it look fresh and renewed.

Aside from the special tinted formula for redness and evening out of the skin, this Cetaphil face moisturizer also contains a sunscreen formula that is based from minerals, providing you with UVA and UVB protection while wearing it.

The moisturizer was designed for people not only with uneven skin or fine line problems, but also primarily for people who struggle with redness.

Overall, the Cetaphil Pro Daily Facial Moisturizer acts as a 3 in 1 lotion: for fighting against redness, evening out the skin, and protecting it from any further damage.

How Do I Use Cetaphil Face Moisturizer?

As stated in the name, the Cetaphil PRO Daily Facial Moisturizer is supposed to be used and applied on a daily basis for the most effective results.

To apply the moisturizer, you should start out by taking some of the product into your hands and gently massaging it all over the skin of your face, not just one part of it.

If used in just specific areas, you will probably find that the tone of your skin is not even due to the darker tint of the moisturizer.

After you have put the product onto your face, many customers say that they found it best when they blend it into their skin using circular motions.  This and massaging it in will ensure that it gets deep into your skin layers to do its work at its best.

Also, for safety purposes, never come into direct contact with your eye when using the moisturizer, as with any other facial product.

However, in case something did occur and you got some of the product into your eye, immediately rinse with water to clean it for protection from any potential dangerous chemical or substance.

Why Choose Cetaphil Face Moisturizer?

If there are so many facial moisturizers out there, why should you take the Cetaphil face moisturizer into consideration?

What makes it so unique and different from all the rest?

Well, there are a few things that make the Cetaphil PRO Daily Facial Moisturizer stand out among the crowd.

For one, you get more for your money.

Cetaphil has made it pretty obvious to us by now that their “pro facial moisturizer” is a 3 in 1 redness, wrinkle, and sensitive skin weapon.

For the price of one bottle, you get a formula that will fight 3 of the most common and dreadful skin problems to people of pretty much all ages.

But the product is also giving you more for your money in an entirely new, separate way as well.  When you purchase a bottle of Cetaphil PRO Daily Facial Moisturizer, you will receive a total of 1.7 fluid ounces of product.

And if that hasn’t given Cetaphil enough recognition yet, then this product’s ratings certainly will.

The Cetaphil PRO Daily Facial Moisturizer has received an average 4.4 out of a maximum 5 star rating on Cetaphil’s official site, off of which you can order the product.

Overall, these 3 aspects are essentially what make this Cetaphil face moisturizer stand out among the rest: its 3 in 1 purpose, its large capacity, and its customer satisfaction.


Cetaphil does not sell their products directly from their website, but, instead, they direct you to 3 places where you can choose to buy it from when you click the “Buy Now” button.

The carriers of the Cetaphil PRO Daily Facial Moisturizer are currently Walmart, Target, and Amazon, all three of which the product is listed at a price of $11.49.  This is for the 1.7-ounce product.

However, it is important to note that when being redirected to one of Cetaphil’s partner companies, that you read their terms and conditions.  They will not be the same as Cetaphil’s or the same as the other two companies’, and Cetaphil states that they are not liable for their partner sites.

You can also choose to purchase the same product but in a 16-ounce instead of 1.7, of which the same partner sites carry and for the same price of [amazon fields="B01M31HUYJ" value="price"].

What Are Others Saying About it?

As I mentioned previously, the Cetaphil PRO Daily Facial Moisturizer has received an overall 4.4 average star rating out of a 5-star maximum on Cetaphil’s company website.

Overall, it seems that most customers have been happy with their purchase and that Cetaphil’s product has come through with all of its promises.

However, not all customers had the same experience.

Once customer warned in a review that the product is not good for African American skin.  The customer left the product a 1-star review and went on to state that they had used other Cetaphil products such as a face wash before and it had worked fine, but the Cetaphil face moisturizer did not adapt to their darker skin tone.  The customer stated that it left their face looking very pale and left white residue, making them have to wash it off.

Other customers who have had similarly poor experiences are complaining about one common thing: the fact that the product comes in only one shade.  This makes the moisturizer difficult to use for others who have different skin tones, and another customer said that her natural skin color is actually lighter than the moisturizer and it made her look too dark.

The happier customers, however, are saying that the moisturizer is working great even as a replacement for foundation makeup.

One customer reports that the product has become a replacement not only for her old moisturizer, but also for her foundation, and that her skin is looking natural and fully covered with just this one lotion.

Another customer compliments the moisturizer for being extremely lightweight and says that it feels very nice on their skin.  As a result, it is hard to even tell that the moisturizer is on.

Overall, if you are looking to purchase the Cetaphil PRO Daily Face Moisturizer, make sure that you have a skin tone that the lotion will compliment for the best and most comfortable results.

What We Think About It

In my opinion, this Cetaphil face moisturizer has many benefits to offer anyone who has dealt or is dealing with acne, face lines, sensitive red skin, or any other type of uneven color and redness, regardless of age.

It is obvious that it is designed just for these people to help them with the problem, and that customers in the reviews, even the not so satisfied ones, admit that it does reduce the redness and neutralizes color, even if it’s not always the same shade as their natural face.

However, it is important that you examine your own shade before purchasing from one of Cetaphil’s partnering sites, because as of the moment, Cetaphil does not offer the same product in any other shades than this one.

This product could cause even more problems as far as facial coloring goes to African American people, or people with very light and fair skin.

But, I think that the Cetaphil PRO Daily Facial Moisturizer definitely does make good on its promises for most people, and the price is definitely fair.

Overall, this is a great product for people of the right skin tone.

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