Is Mary Kay’s Oil-Free Hydrating Gel Worth It?

To start, let's define the difference between a hydrating gel and moisturizer. These two seem like they should be synonymous with one another.

So, what's the real difference?

A hydrating gel is used to rehydrate dehydrated skin. These products work best with people who have severely dry skin. A good time of year to purchase a hydrating gel is in the winter time. A main ingredient in most hydrating gels is water rather than oil.

The skin is dry and lacking in water instead of lacking in just oil. A hydrating gel will help you get some of the necessary water back into your skin.

What Makes [amazon link=”B000VFWV4W” title=”Mary Kay’s Oil-Free Hydrating Gel Unique?” /]

[amazon box=”B000VFWV4W”]

Their [amazon link=”B000VFWV4W” title=”gel” /] is described as being non-greasy which means they don’t use any oil in this product what so ever.

It will work with sensitive skin, dry skin, and combination skin. Some people worry about their pores becoming plugged when using this sort of product.

That’s not the case with the Mary Kay edition.

This product is also hypo-allergenic for those who have breakouts and allergies to certain ingredients.

It comes in a white jar with a black lid and you’ll get 1.8 ounces of product which is the average for similar hydrating gels.

This lightweight product will allow the skin to feel cool and refreshed after each use. The hydration from this gel will last about 10 hours and it has green tea extract in it as well. Green tea extract assists the skin with its soothing properties.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can purchase the Mary Kay Oil-Free Hydrating Gel for [amazon link=”B000VFWV4W” title=”$31.42″ /] on Amazon This is an average price for other hydrating gels and skin care items such as moisturizers.

You always have the option of finding an independent associate from Mary Kay to purchase this item from. They may even have samples you can try before buying to see if you truly like the Mary Kay Oil-Free Hydrating Gel.

Public Perception 

When looking at the Mary Kay website, you'll find this product only has 5 out of 5-star reviews. Consumers say this hydrating gel is good for all skin types including oily skin.

It’s a sensitive product so consumers don’t irritate already inflamed skin. Acne isn’t a problem when using this gel as well.

Other consumers report that this product feels light-weight and is barely noticeable on the skin. This is a great feature sense some hydrating gels leave residue or a film substance on the skin where it was applied.

Some people choose to put this product all over the face, while others will choose a few dry areas to use this product on. It seems that wherever this product is used, it absolutely does its job.

Other consumers use this product as a makeup primer. This means they apply this hydrating gel before applying their foundation or other makeup in the morning.

Mary Kay as A Brand

If you’re unaware Mary Kay has been around for decades, over 30 years of creating make-up and skin care products.

You can purchase lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows, cleansing face wash, lotion, and anti-wrinkle cream from this retailer.

You might know someone in your neighborhood who sells Mary Kay or a close friend or family member. This is the most unique aspect of the brand.

They also offer products which come in kits or packages. These are designed with one goal in mind and they use about 5 or 6 different Mary Kay skin care products.

Who Are Their Competition?

With the skin care and beauty industry getting busier Mary Kay Oil-Free Hydrating Gel has plenty of competitors out there.

Now we can look at some of their biggest competition on the market.

[amazon link=”B004X8ETSE” title=”Aquasource Gel” /]

[amazon box=”B004X8ETSE”]

This [amazon link=”B004X8ETSE” title=”hydrating gel is by Biotherm” /]. You can find this product at Walmart, Target and other similar stores. It can also be purchased through Amazon and Biotherm themselves.

The price of this product is comparable to the Mary Kay Oil-Free Hydrating Gel. 

You get 1.69 ounces of gel in a small translucent jar with a white top. The gel itself is a bright green color. This product is said to have deep hydrating elements which will work on combination skin.

According to the manufacturer this product will keep the skin hydrated for 48 hours since it has a film which traps essential nutrients into the skin which promote skin hydration.

It will also penetrate all five layers of the skin.

[amazon link=”B001CJE0H2″ title=”Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Moisture Enhancing Gel” /]

[amazon box=”B001CJE0H2″]

This product works well on any skin type especially during [amazon link=”B001CJE0H2″ title=”winter months” /]. This hydrating gel can be purchased from Walmart, drug stores and other department stores.

It leaves the skin feeling soft, moisturized and replenished. Instead of a jar this product comes in a dropper.

The fact that this brand includes vitamin B5 into the formula makes it even better. This nutrient will help to improve skin quality and hydration.

[amazon link=”B07BSM4VDY” title=”C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème” /]

[amazon box=”B07BSM4VDY”]

This gel was created by [amazon link=”B07BSM4VDY” title=”Olehenriksen” /]. This product comes in a bright orange jar with a white top.

This unique thing about this hydrating gel is that it also evens on the skin tone. This means light spots and dark spots will disappear or their appearance will fade.

Like other products on this list, this product can be used for all skin types from dry to oily, and normal to sensitive.

Some ingredients in this product include vitamin C, rose of winter, and vegetable collagen. These ingredients help to prevent aging, aid hydration and improve skin quality.

According to Sephora, this product gets 4.5 out of 5-star reviews. Consumers are very pleased when using this product.

[amazon link=”B079JQFQPV” title=”Dermalogica Calm Water Gel” /]

[amazon box=”B079JQFQPV”]

This hydrating gel comes in a white tube with a [amazon link=”B079JQFQPV” title=”grey cap” /]. You’ll get 1.7 ounces of product in this container just like Mary Kay’s Oil-Free Hydrating Gel.

You can purchase this product at beauty supply stores, drug stores and department stores for $48. It contains Aloe which is great for the skin and it is designed specifically for those with dry skin.

This product is paraben and fragrant free which means it shouldn't cause skin irritation in users. After using this product your skin will look more radiant, healthy and youthful.

[amazon link=”B07657YTJZ” title=”Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer” /]

[amazon box=”B07657YTJZ”]

This product comes in a green jar with a gold top. The main ingredients used in this gel are vitamin C and [amazon link=”B07657YTJZ” title=”Alpha Hydroxy” /].

These ingredients promote healthy, hydrated skin. This product is described as being able to enable natural beauty and restore the skins natural health.

After using this product, the customers' skin should be left soft, refreshed and brighter. This is another weightless gel which won't leave residue or film on the face. On Google, this product receives an average rating of 4.4/5 stars.

[amazon link=”B01D504K0C” title=”Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream” /]

[amazon box=”B01D504K0C”]

This product is created by a company called [amazon link=”B01D504K0C” title=”Sunday Riley” /]. They’re known for creating skin care products. Expect this product to come in a dark blue jar with a white top. Like the Mary Kay Oil-Free Hydrating Gel, this product has exactly 1.7 ounces of fluid.

The average customer reviews for the Tidal Brightening Cream are 4/5 stars. This water cream was created for anti-aging and can be used on any skin type.

Some of the ingredients in this product are aloe, and hydroquinone. Both of these products improve hydration while also making the skin feel much more smooth.

[amazon link=”B01CGQXFC0″ title=”Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost” /]

[amazon box=”B01CGQXFC0″]

This top of the line product comes in a [amazon link=”B01CGQXFC0″ title=”purple and blue jar” /] with a gold top and has 1.7 ounces of fluid which we know is the average for hydrating gel products.

Like most products on this list, it can be used on any skin type including oily and dry. People with both sensitive skin and combination or oily skin have had great success with this product.

The price is decent and the only complaint consumers have is its use of dimethicone which is a silicone based product.

You're likely to find this product online at a website like Amazon as well. You can also go through the retailer, Tarte too.

[amazon link=”B00NR1YQHM” title=”Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel” /]

[amazon box=”B00NR1YQHM”]

Neutrogena is a well-known [amazon link=”B00NR1YQHM” title=”makeup and skin care” /] company. Think of them as the ultimate drugstore brand for skin care.

This product can be purchased through Amazon or your local drug store. This hydrating gel is designed to be used for dry skin.

It comes in a light blue jar with a white top and has 1.7 ounces of fluid. This should be used in your daytime skin routine and features a water-based gel formula.

Since one of the main ingredients is water it should absorb quickly. Hyaluronic acid is in this product as well. This acid is naturally in the skin and getting an increase in it means your skin becomes a sponge to soak up all the hydrating elements of this gel.

What We Think

Although Mary Kay's Oil-Free Hydrating Gel is made by a well-known skincare and makeup company we want to recommend that you use a different product.

This doesn't mean that this product isn't good because it gets great reviews and is very popular. There is one product that we think will work better for skin hydration since it contains all-natural elements.

The product we recommend for deep skin hydration is the C-Rush Brightening Gel by Olehenriksen. Compared to the Mary Kay equivalent this product has better ingredients for about the same price. Both of these products have 1.7 ounces of fluid as well.

Vitamin C is an important element in skin care and any facial cream or gel should incorporate this. If you want skin that looks, feels and actually is healthy, go with this product.

The rose of winter included in this product is packed full of powerful anti-oxidants which will kill unwanted germs and promote healthier skin.

The first ingredient in this mixture is water. This is very important since it is a hydrating gel and not just any facial lotion or cream.

Now, that you know what we think what will be your final decision?

Is Mary Kay worth the buy?

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