As we age, certain things happen to our face. Not the least concerning is the under eye bagging and wrinkling that occur as our skin begins to lose its elasticity.

There are all kinds of products on the market currently that claim to be able to help decrease the appearance of under eye wrinkles and bags and rejuvenate the skin. They come in a variety of different types, from lotions to creams and even some glycerine-based drops.

One often struggles with knowing which product to trust.

There is a new trend in cosmetics and beauty products that veers toward all natural ingredients in these products.

As word spreads that the harsh chemicals that used to be found in beauty products were harmful not only for the person wearing them, but also for the environment, people are even more inspired to look to an earth-based line.

Kiehl has met the demand for a naturally-sourced under eye product with their release of their Avocado Eye Cream.

Avocado Oil

This ingredient comes from avocado fruits. Because it is very rich in fatty acids, it is the most moisturizing of all fruit oils and provides a natural source of proteins, amino acids, potassium, and vitamins A, D, and E.


Beta Carotene is an antioxidant often found in red and orange vegetables like carrots or sweet potatoes. It is also rich in vitamin A, but has the added benefit of providing an orange tint when used in a skincare product, which is absorbed and helps to create a glowing complexion.

Shea Butter

She Butter comes from the Karate trees of Africa. It is a fatty product that is often used in lotions or cleaning products because it is good at rehydrating surfaces and skin. In [amazon link=”B000S97MAY” title=”Kiehl Avocado Eye Cream ” /] , the product works to prevent dehydration in the thin skin of the under eye area and restore a supple firmness, decreasing wrinkles and rejuvenating the areas around the eye.

What Makes Kiehl Avocado Eye Cream Unique?

The ingredients of this product are highly effective and have been proven over a number of years to do some of the best work in terms of ongoing skin care and hydration. Because of the way this product is manufactured, it comes out as a rich cream that absorbs fast, eliminating risk of the cream migrating toward the eyes.

It is free of fragrance and dyes. The green color of the cream is because of the combination of natural ingredients, so you can actually see and smell it in its most raw base form. It has a pleasant smell because of the natural ingredients and you can feel better knowing you aren’t spreading chemicals on your face.

What is Kiehl Eye Cream and How Does it Work?


The cream comes in two different sized containers. One is half an ounce and the other is just short of a full ounce.

The smaller container retails at around $30, depending on which retailer you are purchasing the product from. The larger container retails most typically at just under $50. This means you save about 20% by purchasing the larger container.

The product is one of the more highly priced when compared against its competitors, but that’s because Kiehl’s has worked hard over the years to create a brand name that people can trust. When you purchase a Kiehl product, you know that you are get quality ingredients that have been tested and approved by the proper medical authorities in the field.

Does Kiehl Avocado Eye Cream Measure up to its Competitors?

If you’re struggling with sticker shock after learning the price, you’re probably now wondering how the brand stands up against its competitors. Determining this can be a difficult chore, given the number of similar products that exist.

We have looked into it and determined the five biggest competitors against Kiehl Avocado Eye Cream on the market currently. We have looked through the ingredients, compared online reviews, examined pricing, and made our own determinations about how these products stack up against each other.

Below, you will find a breakdown of these comparisons so that you, too, can know and understand our findings and use the information to make your own best determinations.

[amazon link=”B000S97MAY” title=”Kiehl Avocado Eye Cream ” /]

[amazon box=”B000S97MAY”]

[amazon link=”B000S97MAY” title=”Kiehl Avocado Eye Cream ” /] is made from natural ingredients and helps provide moisturizing treatment to the under eye areas of the face. It offers a burst of moisture to the skin to smooth out wrinkles, calm puffiness, and create a more youthful appearance.

To apply, you spread a moderate amount of cream along the orbital bone of the under eye area, then gently tap with your fingertip until you feel it begin to moisturize. This product is ophthalmologist and dermatologist-approved. Kiehl Avocado Eye Cream works with the help of three key ingredients.

[amazon link=”B00V0XR4XM” title=”Nourish Organic Eye Cream” /]

[amazon box=”B00V0XR4XM”]

This product is priced at $16 for a half ounce tube, meaning it is about half the price of Kiehl Avocado Eye Cream.

The eye cream is marketed toward individuals with normal to dry skin, so if your skin has a tendency to be oily or over moisturized, you’ll want to skip this one altogether. It is certified USDA organic, meaning there is not a single unnatural ingredient involved in its formula.

Among the most important ingredients in this cream are avocado and argan oils and aloe vera. So already, we know that it will do a super job hydrating the skin and cooling any discomfort associated with dried, brittle skin.

The bottle also has its own smoothing applicator, so you can avoid getting it on your hands or over rubbing with your fingertips if the skin is overly sensitive.

When looking at online reviews, many were very positive for this product. The negative reviews, though, seemed to have a common thread among them. Some people allege that this cream causes skin tags. While not many studies have been done to determine the exact reason that skin tags appear, we do know that they seem to present most often in people who have sensitive skin.

Odds are, the skin tags that result from use of this product were going to surface anyway. Those with sensitive skin purchase products to help cool the sensitivity, so when skin tags later form, they might be prone to blaming a product for what was already inevitable.

All in all, Nourish Organic does a great job of stacking up against the Kiehl product and at a much lower price.

[amazon link=”B01253N6TQ” title=”Guac Star Hydration Mask” /]

[amazon box=”B01253N6TQ”]

Guac Star is an avocado-based face mask from Farmhouse Fresh. The face mask contains avocado butter, extracts, and oils that deposit fatty acids into the skin. This supports the outside layer of the skin from environmental stresses as it rehydrates the entire face, including under the eyes, and provides a rejuvenated look.

It is priced at around $23, depending on the retailer you prefer, and comes in a 3.25 oz. jar. It’s hard to gauge a price comparison between this product and Kiehl Avocado Eye Cream because. While they do the same thing and are made similar ingredients, they perform in different ways. More of the mask is required than the cream, so there’s no definitive answer as to how long each supply might last when compared.

The cream can be stored in a refrigerator to add cooling benefits to the product. Both products are made with natural ingredients, while Guac Star has the added benefit of being gluten-free.

Online reviews are equally positive for both.

[amazon link=”B00O4D92ZI” title=”Jillaroo Eye Cream” /]

[amazon box=”B00O4D92ZI”]

This eye cream is made with all natural ingredients to give you a fresh, young appearance. It claims that after only three weeks you will see results. Unfortunately, not much more information is listed to give us any details from the manufacturer about testing or other benefits. This automatically sends up alarm bells.

Online reviews complain of a pungent odor and oily residue and there isn’t much difference in pricing.

Overall, we have to deduce that the Kiehl product is a clear winner, based simply on lack of information to make a more fair evaluation.

[amazon link=”B0015Z2XD6″ title=”Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream” /]

[amazon box=”B0015Z2XD6″]

This product is marketed as ideal for all skin types. It is said to lock in moisture and smooth the under eye area. The product is created with mostly natural ingredients and does not leave behind a greasy or heavy residue.

The cream is whipped, making it easy to spread lightly. The main ingredient in this cream is Hyaluronic Acid, which is a humectant known to be especially powerful in the retention of moisture. It also contains Safflower Seed Oil, which is high in essential fatty acids, as well as aloe vera and euphrasia extract to brighten and smooth under eye wrinkles.

It is worn under make up and can be worn daily. It actually helps skin gain moisturizing health throughout the day as it is being worn. To use this product, you place a small amount of cream around the eye using the tip of your finger. You then trace the orbital bone from the innermost corners and spread.

This cream is slightly less expensive than Kiehl Avocado Eye Cream and both tout excellent online reviews. Between the two, there is really not much of a discernable difference.

Comparison Table




[amazon fields=”B000S97MAY” value=”thumb” image_size=”medium” image_alt=”text”]

Kiehl Avocado Eye Cream

[amazon fields=”B000S97MAY” value=”button” button_text=”$28.50″]

[amazon fields=”B00V0XR4XM” value=”thumb” image_size=”medium” image_alt=”text”]

Nourish Organic Eye Cream

[amazon fields=”B00V0XR4XM” value=”button” button_text=”$12.40″]

[amazon fields=”B01253N6TQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”medium” image_alt=”text”]

Guac Star Hydration Mask

[amazon fields=”B01253N6TQ” value=”button” button_text=”$24.15″]

[amazon fields=”B00O4D92ZI” value=”thumb” image_size=”medium” image_alt=”text”]

Y Not Natural Jillaroo Organic Eye Cream

[amazon fields=”B00O4D92ZI” value=”button” button_text=”$27.00″]

[amazon fields=”B0015Z2XD6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”medium” image_alt=”text”]

Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream

[amazon fields=”B0015Z2XD6″ value=”button” button_text=”$18.00″]

Our Take on Kiehl Avocado Eye Cream

While Kiehl’s has definitely manufactured a quality product, there is no doubt that there are others on the market that are stiff competition.

While some of the products we compared Kiehl Avocado Eye Cream to definitely fell short, there were others that seemed to perform just as well or even better overall.

In the end, the decision is ultimately yours.

Kiehl has a reputation for being a trustworthy and quality manufacturer of beauty and skincare products. This product is certainly one of quality, as well.

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