Top 5 Best Indian Healing Clay

Skin problems are inevitable problems.  It is simply a part of every person’s life.  No one’s skin is perfect, and even though that fact can be quite annoying, it sadly is not changing.

Whether your skin is facing the troubles of aging, wrinkling, lining, and puffiness, or its going through the life cycle of acne and redness, or anything in between, these problems can seem and feel huge to you.

However, that is why there have been so many inventions over the past few decades to help improve and perfect these problems: from natural healing processes, facial masks, moisturizers, dermatologist prescribed pills, face lifts, and much more.

But if you aren’t living under a rock, you already know that.

So, what’s something you don’t know about what the beauty marketplace has to offer you and your skin imperfections?

Indian Healing Clay is perhaps one of the most underrated skin care products in the industry today.  However, it is capable of performing miracles on your skin.

What is Indian Healing Clay?

The Indian Healing Clay is a face mask very similar to any other traditional cosmetic mask, and for several reasons.

Firstly, you use it the same.  Indian healing clay might not seem like the ideal substance to put on your face, but it works just like a typical facial mask.

But most of all, like any other facial, a mask of Indian healing clay works to purify the skin, making it what is known as a therapeutic alternative.

However, the advantage of using Indian healing clay over a cosmetic facial mask is that the clay is made of pure, natural substances, completely excluding all of the harsh chemicals and ingredients that make up most facial masks.

Specifically, Indian healing clay works to eliminate and detoxicate pores without clogging them, removes blackheads, reduces acne, moisturizes the skin, and much more.

So, if you think that Indian healing clay is the right choice for you and your skin, then here is the ultimate list of my top 5 best healing clays, so you can find just the right one.

How We Choose Our Ratings

All five of these products have made it onto my list for a good reason, and they had to prove themselves first.

When writing reviews, selecting products, and recommending them to you, the most important and number one priority I have is honesty, integrity, and accuracy.

If a product does not give all of the benefits and results that the company says it will give, then I would never recommend that product to you.

If a product has a bad reputation, low customer satisfaction rate, or abnormal inconveniences to you as a customer, then I would also never recommend that product to you.

Additionally, I am writing with a completely unbiased opinion.  I only judge each Indian healing clay by the facts and statistics that the company’s website has displayed, and my opinions and recommendations are formed by the customer reviews.

Because, overall, the product’s description is not what makes a product good, it’s the customers who buy it and what they say about it that makes it a worthwhile investment.

Top 5 Best Indian Healing Clay

Are you considering whether or not Indian healing clay is the right solution for you and your skin problems?

If so, allow me to help.

I have compiled a list of my top 5 favorite Indian healing clay products, each hand selected by me by quality and customer ratings.

[amazon link=”B0014P8L9W” title=”Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay” /]

[amazon box=”B0014P8L9W”]

One of the most popular and most recommended of the healing clay products is the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.

This specific brand of clay is designed to fight against and ultimately defeat acne, blackheads, skin tightening, and pore cleansing, with pore cleansing being its number one primary job.

It is said to be 100% made of calcium bentonite clay, which has been used for over 1,800 years by ancient historians such as Cleopatra, and even in historical Roman and German spas, for which it served the same purposes.

Additionally, the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is not made up of and does not include any additives, fragrances, or animal products.

You can get one jar of this Indian healing clay for a very affordable price of just $7.99 on Amazon, on which the product also has a 4.5 star rating (out of 5 stars maximum) left by over 1,570 customer reviews.

Customers on Amazon are saying things such as “best mask ever,” “my favorite mask,” “can’t live without it,” and much more.   They are all witnessing to the true working of the clay mask, saying that their acne has improved drastically.

Several others recommend using it with apple cider vinegar instead of water for the healthiest, fastest, and best results.

[amazon link=”B00Q96XGUU” title=”Majestic Pure Indian Healing Clay Powder ” /]

[amazon box=”B00Q96XGUU”]

The second Indian healing clay product that I recommend is a clay mask made by the company Majestic Pure.

This mask is similar to the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay in the sense that it strives to fight against almost every skin problem you can face: pores, detoxification, revitalization, tightening skin, toning and evening out skin, fighting impurities, etc.

However, something unique about this clay is that it works great for the body and hair, too.

The company recommends that for the best results from the product, you should use it in a clay bath or a foot soak.  When this is done, the clay will act as a magnet to draw out all of the toxins in your skin and pores.

It’s main and only ingredient is also very similar to the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay’s ingredient: it is sodium bentonite clay (whereas the first’s was calcium bentonite clay).

It is also cruelty free, containing absolutely no animal products and it has not been tested on animals.

The price of the Majestic Pure Indian Healing Clay is $10.95 for one jar, which is 16 ounces of product.

Like the Aztec Secret product, the Majestic Pure Indian Healing Clay has an overall rating on Amazon of 4.5 stars, left by over 1,200 customer reviews.

Customers are saying that it is an excellent product and that they highly recommend it.  One particularly happy customer that says after the past 20 years she has spent buying all the other skin care products you see advertised all of the time, she decided to use this Indian healing clay, and has never gone back.

[amazon link=”B01E1VE1J4″ title=”Sky Organics’ Indian Healing Clay ” /]

[amazon box=”B01E1VE1J4″]

The third product on the list is the Indian healing clay by the company Sky Organics.

This clay comes in a 16-ounce jar, utilizes pure and natural bentonite clay as its primary ingredients, and can be used for cleansing the face, ridding your skin of deep pores, and detoxifying the entire skin.

All of these benefits work together to give you the results of less acne and more youthful looking skin.

Like the Majestic Pure Indian Healing Clay, the Sky Organics one can also be used for not only the face, but for the hair and body too, and is made with the highest therapeutic grade there is for 100% pure results.

Due to this purity, the mask can also rejuvenate skin and make it look like it has been taken back decades ago by moisturizing, cleansing, refreshing, and giving a radiant glow to your skin.

So, not only do you have a product that can seemingly turn back time but can also help with acne prone skin.  Overall, this product can work great for anyone regardless of age and skin situation.

Additionally, customers enjoy Sky Organics’ 30-day money back guarantee policy after purchasing, which gives them the assurance they need that this is a trustworthy and safe product.

As for customer reviews, the Sky Organics Indian Healing Clay has also received the same astonishing rating that the previous two have: 4.5 stars, left by over 200 customers.

Like the other product, customers are saying that the Sky Organics Indian Healing Clay works best when mixed with apple cider vinegar.  It leaves your skin feeling more vibrant and cleansed, whereas water can make it look red after use.

[amazon link=”B00UIMFV2C” title=”Lotus Natural Products’ Indian Healing Clay Mask ” /]

[amazon box=”B00UIMFV2C”]

Fourth up on the list is the Indian healing clay mask by Lotus Natural Products.

This healing clay’s ingredient is hydrated magnetic calcium bentonite clay, similar to the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.

It is designed primarily for detox use, while it activates collagen and removes toxins for healthier skin, meanwhile also lightening dark circles or other age spots, reducing wrinkles, removing acne, and improving psoriasis and eczema for better looking skin.

Unlike the last three products, this Indian healing clay by Lotus Natural Products is ready for application as soon as you open the lid.  This means you don’t have to mix it with water or apple cider vinegar, it is ready as is due to the fact that it is not a raw powder.

Lotus Natural Products also guarantees that you will see benefits within the very first application of the product, because it is PH balanced and suitable for all skin types.

Additionally, customers get to relax knowing that they get a 100% guaranteed full refund for the product if they find that it is not for them.

As far as customer opinions go, the product has an overall 4-star rating on Amazon, but left by only 10 customers.

However, the diversity of the product as well as the praising reviews by customers got this healing clay on the list.

Customers are saying that not only did the mask shrink their pores and give them a much more appealing face look, but it also made their skin much more firm and supple.  Additionally, they say that even this small container will go a very long way.

The biggest downside to this product, however, is the price.  It is listed on Amazon for $24.99.

[amazon link=”B01NBS7KQ7″ title=”Mary Tylor Naturals Bentonite Indian Healing Clay ” /]

[amazon box=”B01NBS7KQ7″]

The fifth and final product on the list is the Mary​​​​ Tylor Naturals Bentonite Indian Healing Clay.

This jar of Indian healing clay serves to heal and restore the facial skin, cleanse deep pores, remove excess facial oil, and to reduce acne.

For all these results at its finest, the clay is made with the highest premium grade of bentonite clay powder there is.

Like the first three products, this Indian healing clay is to be used after mixing it with warm water (or apple cider vinegar) until it forms into a thick paste.  Afterwards, continuing to apply it to the skin.

The clay can guarantee that it is free of harsh chemicals as well, as the bentonite clay is the only ingredient in the product, with no additives, chemicals, or fragrances.  It also has not been tested on animals.

The skin type that this mask most appeals to is for sensitive skin, and can be used for the face, body, and hair.

This Indian healing clay is listed on Amazon for a total of $10.45 and has a rating of 4.5 stars left by 24 customers.

Customers are saying that the mask leaves your skin feeling extremely smooth and soothing, and that they could instantly feel the results of such a deep cleanse.

Buyer’s Guide for Indian Healing Clay

So, you know about all of my top favorite Indian healing clays by now, but how do you know which one is the best for you to get?

When looking for the best Indian healing clay, it is important to take into account a few things before making your purchase.

Firstly, make sure to pay special detail to what kind of skin the clay is suitable for.  Most of the clays that made it on my list were suitable for all skin types, however, one was mainly for sensitive skin.

It doesn’t mean that other skin types can’t try it out, but you probably won’t receive the same results as you would if you use a clay specifically for your skin type.

Secondly, make sure that you take into consideration all of the benefits that the clay has to offer.  Most of these Indian healing clay products were sold for about the same price and had mostly the same benefits.

However, if you want to be a smart buyer, make sure that the clay you are considering isn’t making you pay a higher price for a product that is promising to do the exact same things.

Featured image: Video screen capture, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, via YouTube.




Where to buy

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

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Majestic Pure Indian Healing Clay Powder

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Sky Organics’ Indian Healing Clay

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[amazon fields=”B01E1VE1J4″ value=”button”]

Lotus Natural Products’ Indian Healing Clay Mask

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Mary Tylor Naturals Bentonite Indian Healing Clay

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