There are so many products in the market when we talk about face creams. It is always a clever idea to have some basic knowledge of every product you want to buy to ensure a happy purchase, and face creams are no different. The face is the most important part of a human body. Nobody will be ready to compromise on the look and health of their face.

Crème de la Mer moisturizer entered the market many years back. Amazingly, it is still a very well known available face cream on the market. In this article, I will try to present the readers with a detailed and true picture of this product. After reading this article, you will be having a significant knowledge about this moisturizer.

La Mer brand is out there in the market for some time now. This has still been a popular option for people seeking improvement in the facial skin. We will try to help you know about the product and find out why this product has been so popular for many years.

What is Crème de la Mer?

A very nice story is associated with this product. Max Huber was a scientist in NASA. He created this crème to recover his skin that was damaged during an experiment. He tried to heal his skin with this crème. He didn’t get any special result after using that product.

This is a very expensive skin moisturizer face cream. It has shown good results. In this product, algae extract is the major ingredient. This ingredient is very effective and helps to moisturize the skin. Your skin looks healthy and it can easily be felt.

One of the main functions this cream performs is the skin moisturizing. In fact, you can say that it is designed for it. This product provides the necessary nourishment that the skin needs. This cream shows the results even when your face shows aging.

It is still not fully clear how this product works. The proof can only be seen by looking at the faces of the people who used it. There are people who say that this cream has produced extraordinary and amazing results. There are people who used different creams in the market along with this expensive cream. They are the actual judges that decide the better choice.

It is not very amazing that people who have used different creams along with the La Mer cream are still very dedicated to the La Mer cream.

What is This Cream Best Used For?

The benefits of using this product include the following:

  • This cream is used to strengthen the face skin.
  • The visible deficiencies are healed and become smooth.
  • It is a good option when you want to look your skin fresh and bright.
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    If you use it regularly, wrinkles and pores will not be visible. The skin will glow, and you will also have a gentle feeling on your skin. It is something everyone wants to show to the others.
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    If you want to look young having healthy face skin, this certainly an option for you.

The Best Methods to Use This Product

As it is stated earlier that this cream is a moisturizer, it gives calm and relaxing moisture. A healthy and glowing skin is experienced when this product is applied to the face. The great thing is that even the person having dry skin gets a fresh and pleasant look and feeling upon application. It all happens very quickly and instantly.

For best results, take a small amount of cream in your hand between the fingers. Smooth and warm the cream between fingertips for a little amount of time. Only do it for a few seconds. When the cream looks transparent, apply it gently on your face and also neck if needed. Don’t try to massage the cream, just apply it to the desired area. Do this at day and evening (two times a day).

What Makes This Product Unique

Crème de la Mer moisturizes and relaxes the skin very nicely. Dryness is healed away. Naturally, the skin becomes fresh and looks healthy. Some other benefits of the cream include the following points:

  • The ability of Miracle Broth is to generate itself again. It also has the property of nourishing the skin and help in retaining the moisture.
  • This crème is also capable of performing skin transformation function. It is powerful enough to do it very quickly. As it is a sea born, that is why it can transform the skin.
  • When you apply this product onto the face, pores and wrinkles become almost invisible. The firmness is also improved within a short time. The skin becomes young and even the aged ones look a bit younger.
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    When applied on a dry skin, the skin becomes re-energized and renewed.
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    This product is 100% Authentic.
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    It makes your skin firmer, softer and the face skin look virtually constant.

What Most People Like

Great results have been noticed and reported by the people who used this cream personally. Amazingly, these results were noticed very quickly. One of the best qualities of this product is that it works very quickly and accurately.

The people who used this moisturizer a bit longer also felt a positive change in the overall look of their skin. So, we can say that it works very consistently for most of the people who applied it on their skin.

What Needs to be Improved

Whenever a person tries to apply Crème de la Mer to the face, the texture does not feel good. The product looks like a paste or glue.

You may even get a negative response if don’t spend the time to warm up the product with the heat of your own body. After that, you can apply it to your face. If you don’t warm it up before applying onto the face, you may damage your skin if continue to go like that a bit longer. You may also feel irritation.

Most people tackle this by placing it on the fingers and rubbing for a few moments before applying it on the face. However, there should be an improvement in this product with such an excessive cost. When you extract the product out of the jar, there should be a proper texture.

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Crème de la Mer’s Specifications

The specification highlights of this product are as follows:

  • The packing of this product is with natural nutrient sources. These are seaweed, citrus, and more that work together at the same time to provide what is needed by the skin.
  • You can get the right amount of cream every time you want. It becomes possible with the twist off lid jar. The benefit of this jar design is that there is never wastage of the cream.
  • Once applied on the skin, this product doesn’t look oily. People enjoy the texture when applied properly on the face.
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    The cream is kept cool by a porcelain tub. This is the reason why the container is not too small. It also means that you don’t need to refrigerate the cream.
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    This cream looks like a toothpaste or glue. As it is thick, a small amount is enough every time it is applied on the skin. Its fragrance is also strong.


Algae, petrolatum, and mineral oil are the main ingredients. All of these and many more ingredients can very easily be found in any market store.

Algae extract

The only ingredient that is worth mentioning here is Algae. There are more than 20,000 algae species available in the world. Most of the algae species have antioxidant properties.


Unlike other creams, Creme de la Mer has a fair number of antioxidants. It is just like vitamin E and powder of alfalfa. One of the most notable ones is copper gluconate. It helps to make more superoxide dismutase in your skin. This is a very powerful antioxidant and it can damage the worst type of free radicals.

How to Purchase the Product Online

Creme de la Mer is available online on the La Mer official website. This product is also available on the following websites:

  • David Jones
  • Cosme de
  • Net a porter
  • eBay
  • The Price of La Mer

    Creme de la Mer is a very expensive product, priced at [amazon_link asins=’B000RZT9O6|B000RZT9O6|B000RZT9O6′ template=’PriceLink’ store=’weareaging_us-20|weareaging_ca-20|weareaging_uk-21′ marketplace=’US|CA|UK’].

    Public Perception (Other Creme De La Mer Reviews)

    Many users left positive reviews related to the results this cream produced and how quickly the results are noticed. However, most of the people are not happy with the results of the price tag and don’t think it’s worth the high cost.

    How La Mer Matches Up to the Competition

    La Mer has been producing results over the last many years, and there are many new products on the market nowadays. It really is not a bad option to look for the other creams that are compared to La Mer, which is one of the most expensive options in the world. Here, we will compare a few of the creams on the market.

    Because Crème de la Mer costs $325 on the La Mer website and is not the easiest cream on the market when it comes to applying it, there are better choices that are either more cost efficient or easier to use. On Sephora, you can find the same 2 oz container for the same price, and reviews there say it evened out their skin’s texture and hydrated extremely well, but you just can’t use it every day as you want to because it is so costly.

    The best alternative for La Mer is Made from Earth’s vitamin-en moisturizer, which is available on their official site for around $75. These products are extremely similar, only this hyper moisturizer costs a fraction of the price. They both have retinol and vitamin A for the anti-aging effect, but this brand is much more affordable for daily use.

    There are other creams that can be considered instead, including Weleda skin food, Aveda exfoliating crème cleanser, and other affordable options. These creams cost only a fraction as compared to this brand and have comparable properties needed for moisturizing the skin. Weleda skin food is an ultra-rich cream that restores hydrates and protects the skin. It is also referred to as “Natural La Mer.”

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    Pros and Cons of La Mer

    Of course, like any product on the market today, there are both pros and cons. Both sides of the picture need to be considered. After properly assessing these, you can make the best possible decision.


    • People reported that this product works well for those with acne-prone skin.
    • Most of the people are happy with its smell and don’t consider it irritating.
    • This product is very easy to be used any time, any time throughout the day.
    • check
      This product smoothly goes on and people can use it under makeup without any trouble.


    • There is no UV protection built into this product.
    • Some people feel irritation due to the natural ingredients in this cream. Customers who already have skin problems or allergy issues may notice a negative reaction.
    • This product is not a great option for those having budget problems. It is one of the expensive options in the world.

    In Conclusion, You Might Save Money Elsewhere

    Crème De La Mer is a very expensive and ultra-rich cream. It heals the skin well and makes it healthy. However, this is not the top choice we would recommend to the readers. This is a very old formula and too costly over the other competitors. There are many creams on the market which also do the same at a much lower cost.

    In short, if you have money and can afford to pay such a huge amount, you can certainly try it to experience its benefits and results. At this price, you deserve to get much more than that. So, if you are worried about the price, you have so many other options available on the market. These options are not only cheaper but also work well for you.

    The overall rating of this expensive cream is 3 out of 5 stars. It’s simply not worth the price tag unless you have tons of money to spend.

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