We put our hair through a lot of damage on a daily basis. With styling products, shampoos, and conditioners that contain harsh chemicals sprays, mousses, and dyes it is no wonder that so many of us have dry and damaged hair. But there is hope for your split ends and unmanageable locks, you can help reverse some of the damage caused by hair care products by using a good quality hair mask.

What is a Hair Mask?

If your hair always seems dry and frizzy, and your usual hair care routine isn’t helping, you could be missing out on a key ingredient that would help restore your hair back to its natural beauty, which is a hair mask.

Hair masks are basically very high-quality conditioner that deeply nourishes and heals your hair from all the damage caused by styling products. These conditioners are on a much higher level than your usual department store conditioner. They can target various hair concerns such as split ends, fizziness, and dry hair. Hair masks can also help give your color a boost and cause your hair to feel softer, silkier and appear shinier.

Since hair masks are so powerful, they do not have to be used as often as your regular conditioner. If your hair is in desperate need of repair, you can start off using a hair mask two or three times a week. Otherwise, you can use a mask once or twice a month to keep your hair looking its best. Using a good hair mask on a routine basis can help prevent serious damage to your hair such as breakage and split ends.

What does a Hair Mask do?

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Hair masks work on targeting your hair’s problem areas so that it may be restored back to its natural beauty. There are many different types of hair masks out there, and each one is designed to help with a specific need. If you color your hair often, there are hair masks that can repair the damage caused by harsh chemicals while they also help to make your new hair color stand out with more vibrance.

If you struggle with frizz, you can find a hair mask product that will leave your hair feeling silky and smooth. Those who have dry hair can use a mask that will hydrate their locks while those with oily hair can find a mask that will eliminate the excess oil.

How Does it Work?

A hair mask is very easy to use. First, shampoo your hair as usual and rinse. Then you apply the hair mask the same way you would your regular conditioner. You will want to leave the mask in for at least three to five minutes to get the full benefits.

If you are in the shower, apply the mask before you wash your face, arms and legs or shave. Then you can rinse out the mask once you have finished bathing or shaving. Skip your usual conditioner, then dry and style your hair as usual. You should notice a big difference in how easy it is to manage.

If you want to keep your hair in this new shiny and soft condition, you should add a hair mask to your hair care routine. Try using it once a week at the minimum if you don’t have many hair issues. If you have severely dry or damaged hair, two or three times a week should help get your hair back to normal. Once you learn how to use a hair mask and which brands work best for your hair, there is no downside to using them.

For those occasions when you damage your hair more than usual, such as when you dye your hair for a costume party or use a ton of hair styling products to get your hair just right for a prom or wedding, you should use a healing hair mask afterward.

Even braiding your hair or using extra-tight ponytail holders can put more stress on your hair than it needs. A healing hair mask can provide urgent care to your hair and reverse the damage that was caused by your temporary hairdo.

Why Should I Use A Hair Mask?

There are multiple reasons why you should use a hair mask. Even if you have perfectly healthy hair that isn’t damaged, and you don’t use a lot of styling products, your hair could still benefit from the hydration and nutrients that it would receive by using a mask. You don’t have to have severely damaged hair to use one, but if you do, a good quality hair mask can make a great difference.

Where to Buy

You can find hair masks practically anywhere hair care products are sold. They are available online at Amazon.com as well as various other online and offline merchants. There is a great selection of hair masks available at specialty stores such as Sally’s Beauty Supply, however you can also find them at drug stores such as Walgreen’s or CVS, and retail stores like Walmart, Kmart, or Target.

How much does it cost?

The great thing about hair masks is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy them. You can purchase them in small single-use packets for less than five dollars at most locations. You can also buy jars of hair mask treatment so that you always have some on hand. The jars which range in size also range in price from below ten to as much as forty bucks.

How We Review

Our reviews are made up of personal use, studies and review sites from all over the Internet, we take the time to look over many different reviews of each product, both good and bad, to find out all there is to know about each one. This helps us to learn more about how each product works and why or why not we feel that you should buy it.

The Top 5 Brands of Hair Mask Products You Have to Try 

Hair mask products range in ingredients, usage and price. It can be difficult to choose the very best one, especially if you have never used a hair mask in the past. That is why we have put together our list of the top suggestions for hair mask products for you to consider. All five hair masks on the list currently have a 5-Star customer rating on Amazon.com.

1. EcoLove 100% Vegan Hair Mask

[amazon box=”B01N4VU46S”]

Say goodbye to treating your hair with harmful chemicals when you use EcoLove 100% Vegan Hair Mask. This product is free of all parabens, petrochemicals and SLS. This product is ideal for colored or dry hair.

It contains Dead Sea water and 26 essential minerals taken from the Dead Sea. It also contains a blend of organic purple fruit and flower extracts, antioxidants, essential oils, and Vitamins A & E. EcoLove’s 100% Vegan Hair Mask has a pleasant scent and it is certified vegan, eco-friendly, and never tested on animals.


  • Loaded with all-natural ingredients
  • Organic blueberry, grape and lavender extracts 
  • Chamomile extract 
  • Adds volume to make your hair shine.
  • Organic botanical extracts 


  • The smell lasts all day 
  • May be irritating to those with a sensitive scalp
  • Could cause breakouts around the scalp
  • Slightly more expensive than many other quality hair masks

2. It’s A 10 – Miracle Hair Mask Treatment 

[amazon box=”B003MXMD3O”]

It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask Treatment comes in an 8oz jar. It works by detangling and restoring moisture back into your dry and damaged hair. This hair mask restores elasticity to your hair as it makes it feel softer and smooth to the touch. It’s A 10 Miracle Hair Mask Treatment add luminous shine back to your dull hair after years of using too many styling products. Nourish your hair back to how it once was and help it to regain its natural body when you use this top-rated mask.

Miracle Hair Mask is very easy to use. Simply apply it to your hair after shampooing and rinsing. Work it into your hair for around 1 to 3 minutes and rinse. If you require deeper conditioning, you will need to work it into your hair for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse. For best results, follow up with It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Product.


  • Works great for dry hair
  • Contains various essential ingredients to make your hair stronger
  • Great for frizzy or unmanageable hair


  • More expensive than other similar products

3. MOA ARGAN + Keratin Hair Treatment Mask

[amazon box=”B01N12ZY4B”]

Moa Argan + Keratin Hair Treatment Mask is available in a 13.5 Fl oz pouch. This hair treatment works to moisturize and repair your dry and damaged hair using nourishing ingredients such as Tea Tree, Avocado and Argan oils, plus Keratin. By using this product weekly, you will experience less frizz, and smoother, healthier looking hair.

The natural ingredients help to hydrate and nourish your hair so that it is ultra-soft and smooth. It will have more vibrance and shine than before and look healthier than it has in years. To use, work the hair treatment mask into wet hair and concentrate on the areas with the most damage. Leave it in for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse. Use the product at least once a week for best results and protection for harmful elements.


  • Less expensive than some other hair mask products on the list
  • Excellent salt-free product to use on recently styled hair
  • Makes your hair feel soft and silky
  • An excellent deep conditioning treatment that works good on curly or straight hair
  • Safe for color treated hair


  • There are currently no bad reviews for this product on Amazon

4. ENJOY by Enjoy Hair Mask

[amazon box=”B00Q0ZNK06″]

The ENJOY by Enjoy Hair Mask 8.5 oz. tube contains an intensive smoothing hair treatment mask that enriches dry and unmanageable hair. It leaves behind soft and smooth hair that is easy to style and non-frizzy. You can use this hair mask along with other ENJOY hair care products to get the best possible results. Customers who have used a lot of high-end hair care products have mentioned that nothing has worked quite as well as this hair mask.

It isn’t irritating and will not make your hair feel oily or over-moisturized. Even if you don’t think your hair is damaged, this product will leave it feeling better than ever before. It will bring back a soft and smooth feel to your hair that you are sure to love. Use it every 5 to 6 days for best results.


  • Easy to Use
  • Works exceptionally well
  • Great for all hair types


  • Slightly more expensive than some of the other hair mask products

5. Dudley’s Hair Treatment Mask

[amazon box=”B00127OLMS”]

Dudley’s Hair Treatment Mask is available in a 32oz. jar. It is designed to repair damage caused to the hair and scalp. This product adds moisture back to your hair and strengthens each strand. It reduces tangles and breakage while improving texture and enhancing sheen. This hair mask treatment is often used along with Dudley’s Crème Protein Moisturizing Conditioner, both of which are available on Amazon.

This unique hair mask treatment is a mud treatment for the hair and scalp. It helps to hydrate, strengthen, reduce damage and improve shine. To use, apply a generous amount to damp hair after you have shampooed and rinsed. Massage throughout and then pile your hair on top of your head. Cover with a plastic cap, sit under a dryer for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.


  • A topnotch product that satisfied customers have used for years
  • Helps to eliminate damage to the hair and scalp
  • Great for all hair types


  • It is the most expensive hair mask on the list.

Which Hair Mask Product is the Right Choice for You? 

The type of hair mask that will work best for you depends on what you really need the hair mask for. There are hair mask products for dry and damaged hair, color treated hair, frizzy hair, split ends, and severely damaged hair due to overuse of hair styling products. There are also some hair masks that are designed for all-around use so that you can enjoy soft and silky hair no matter what. Try out one or more of these useful hair mask products and find out for yourself how beneficial this amped-up conditioner can be.

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