Review: Benefit Ooh La Lift 

With a name like “Ooh La Lift,” you can’t help but find yourself intrigued by this new product from Benefit. Benefit has made itself well known throughout the cosmetics industry for manufacturing excellent products without harsh chemicals.

If you’re one of many consumers that have recently taken an interest in this product, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we will discuss Benefit Ooh La Lift, its ingredients, and the overall reaction to the product throughout the cosmetics word, both by examining Benefit’s own marketing statements and analyzing online reviews.

Hopefully, the information you find here will help you feel more confident in your purchase.

What is Benefit Ooh La Lift and How Does it Work?

Ooh La Lift is an under eye cream that instantly brightens and tightens the skin to reduce bags under the eyes and create a more youthful, rested, and happy appearance.

The product is a smooth pink balm that spreads easily over the skin. When combined with the dark complexion of under eye circles, the circles take on a more natural hue to match your regular skin tone.

Benefit recommends that you keep the balm in the refrigerator so that it remains cool. They say this will create a more calming feel to the balm, which can help reduce bags under the eyes as you are wearing the product.

To apply, you simply place three dots of the balm under each eye and then gently pat it into the skin using your fingertip. If you need more, you can feel free to apply more, but start minimally and work your way up to prevent over lightening.

What makes Benefit Ooh La Lift Unique?

Benefit loves to include natural ingredients in their products. Ooh La Lift is no exception.

This product contains raspberry extracts which naturally pull in and use moisture from the environment to firm skin. This helps to decrease the bags, rather than just simply cover them up. It also contains light-reflecting pigments that help decrease the appearance of dark circles. In short, the pigments help you trick the mind’s eye into seeing the lighter tones of the skin instead of the dark.

Benefit also understands that you might need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up as the drudge of the office begins to overwhelm you.  Early afternoon hours are when many of us feel most tired, and our eyes don’t do much to hide this problem.

Ooh La Lift can be applied over your make up without smudging or washing your other cosmetics away. This is a valuable plus for anyone that has previously struggled with similar products that would fade away as the day wore on, but not be able to refresh without risk of ruining the rest of the look.

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Ooh La Lift is very reasonably priced at the $35-40 price range, depending on the retailer you are using. In terms of cosmetics, this is about “middle ground” for this type of product. Some products, of course, are priced much lower, but likely lack in quality. Other products are priced much higher, without much more than a name brand to back up the reasoning. In those cases, you have to wonder if the higher price is worth it.

What is Benefit Ooh La Lift’s Impact on the Market?

Benefit Ooh La Lift is found at numerous retailers online, which leads us to believe that it is well backed by most cosmetic distributors.

From this, we can assume that the product not only sells well, but is believed to do well. Retailers rarely will stock an item on their shelves that they don’t believe will work. In doing so, they would be risking their own reputation and having to deal with angry customers or customers choosing to shop elsewhere in search of better quality products.

Being picked up and distributed by numerous warehouses is typically a sign of a product that retailers believe will sell well and a company that retailers and the public trust and have had good experiences within the past.

A simple online search of the product actually reveals numerous pages dedicated to reviews of the product that offer fair and unbiased information. Most of these reviews are fully glowing.

Does Benefit Ooh La Lift Measure up to its Competitors?

We have already discussed a little bit that Ooh La Lift seems to be well trusted by retailers and that it is reasonably priced. The only thing left to determine is whether or not the product works as well, better, or less effectively than some of its main competitors.

By reading and assessing online reviews, we have been able to make a determination about the effectiveness of Ooh La Lift in terms of how it stacks against other products of similar kind.

Below, we will outline five of the main competing brands of eye brighteners, discussing each in full. We will explain how these products compare to Benefit Ooh La Lift in the areas of price and consumer satisfaction.  We will also highlight any similarities between the products which help classify them as competing products.

 [amazon link=”B008H1IDKI” title=”Bare Minerals Well Rested Face and Eye Brightener” /]

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Rated 4 out of 5 Stars

Bare Minerals, like Benefit, has an amazing reputation for using natural ingredients in their products. This product is no different. Just like Ooh La Lift, this product lightens the look of dark circles under the eyes to help you appear more rested and rejuvenated.

It does not, however, help to tighten the skin or reduce puffiness. This is one way in which this product falls short of Benefit’s Ooh La Lift product deliverability.

Rather than use a light pink hue, Bare Minerals uses a creamy white. This, according to some reviews, provides more brightening power so less product must be used. Others have complained that it doesn’t blend well and leaves an unnatural shine.

Both products can be applied over your make up for touch ups throughout the day.  They also fall in a similar price range, each at around the $35 mark through most retailers.

Overall, there are many similarities between the products, but given the differences and the same price tag, Benefit Ooh La Lift seems to be the better choice over this option.

[amazon link=”B01LX3WM8B” title=”Maybelline Dream Brightening Concealer ” /]

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Rated 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Maybelline Dream Brightening Concealer does not have the reputation that Benefit does for all natural ingredients, so right away this is a setback for many consumers.

Both products are applied over dark circles to cover them and make your overall appearance seem more refreshed. The Maybelline product actually comes in a variety of hues ranging from light pink to a deep caramel color to accommodate different skin tones. It does not help tighten the skin or reduce puffiness.

Many online reviews complained that the Maybelline product left an oily feeling on the face and would sometimes “shine through” the foundation after applied. They also complained that there was no clear explanation for how to match this product to your skin tone, so many bought the wrong color and found that it was either too light or too dark.

The Maybelline product also cannot be applied over your current make up, so there is no chance to refresh your look later into the day.

At $10, the Maybelline product only costs about half as much as Benefit’s Ooh La Lift, but there are stark differences in how these products work, making the higher price tag appear to be well worth the expense.

BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector $30
BECCA is higher priced than Benefit Ooh La Lift by about 30%, depending on which retailer you buy it through. While the ingredients in the BECCA product are mostly not natural, there are some high power ingredients that give it an edge over most of its competitors.

This product comes in a rich cream- almost a mousse texture, and spreads evenly over the face to cover dark circles under the eyes, blemishes, and evens the skin tone over all. It claims to be long-lasting, transfer-resistant, and water-proof.

Most online reviews for this product are also glowing. Those who have purchased it seem to be very happy, overall, with the quality of the product.

So, this is where we needed to get analytical. Both of these products have great online reviews. One is higher priced than the other, however, and cannot be applied over other cosmetics. It also does  not have as many natural ingredients.

Again, in this comparison, we have to give the win to Benefit Ooh La Lift.

Clinique Airbrush Concealer- $25

Again, this concealer does not seem to contain many natural ingredients. Those that it does contain seem to serve more aesthetic purposes than active ones. Right away, that is a setback in this comparison to Ooh La lift.

Both products are priced similarly, although Clinique is a larger and more established brand name in the market.  They work similarly, as well. Both products contain light pink cream that is applied using a wand to help minimize the appearance of dark circles. The Clinique product also claims to help firm the skin to reduce a puffy appearance.

Online reviews for the Clinique product are mostly positive, as well. The one complaint that seemed to be most prevalent about the Clinique product was that it dried far too quickly and was sometimes difficult to blend.

It also must be applied before other cosmetics and cannot be reapplied over them later in the day without risking further blending issues.

Based on these issues, Benefit’s Ooh La Lift again appears to be the better choice in the product comparison.

Our Take on Benefit Ooh La Lift

After conducting the comparison, we feel that Ooh La Lift wins out over all five of its main competitors.

Pricewise, it is not the most nor least expensive product on the list. This is actually a good sign. Overpriced products are usually not worth the investment and less expensive options are usually not as effective. By staying in the middle ground, Ooh La Lift shows confidence in its product without a need to overcompensate.

The use of natural ingredients is another plus. Many people who have sensitive skin find that natural ingredients in their cosmetics help reduce breakouts and sensitivity issues. It also is better for the environment when we are able to create cosmetics without using unnecessary chemicals.

Online reviews for Benefit Ooh La Lift were overwhelmingly positive, also. It appears that the product spreads smoothly and feels light without feeling oily. There was also a lot of positive feedback about the ability to reapply it over other cosmetics without messing up the look.

If any drawbacks exist to Benefit Ooh La Lift, it is that there seem to be certain online scams circulating to replicate the product. There are a fair amount of warnings online telling consumers to only buy Ooh La Lift directly from Benefit if purchasing online.

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