We are all on a constant search for younger looking skin. We want to look our best, even as we are aging. To do this, we often apply harsh chemicals and creams to our faces in the hopes that they will do some form of magic trick to deliver a healthier and more budding appearance.

We often view our wrinkles as blemishes and search for a way in which we can erase them from our faces altogether. As a result, we are all too often left dealing with the damaging effects of the reactions our skin has to the chemicals in the creams we use.

Perricone MD has released a Neuropeptide facial cream that hopes to deliver a more natural solution to reducing the signs of aging. They claim that this cream has the ability to unveil more youthful skin by delivering deep moisture through all the layers of our skin, plumping out wrinkles and firming away bags from the inside out.

We decided to look into this face cream to see how effective it is and study the science behind it, as well as online reviews to determine if the cream lives up to its hype.

Review: Perricone MD Neuropeptide Facial Cream

What is Perricone MD Neuropeptide Facial Cream and How Does it Work?

Perricone MD Neuropeptide Facial Cream contains a naturally produced enzyme called DMAE. DMAE is the chemical in our bodies that keeps our skin naturally lifted and youthful looking when we are in our teens and twenties. For most of us, though, we begin to produce less DMAE as we hit our mid-30s. This is one of the reasons that our skin appears to lose its elasticity, leading to sagginess and wrinkles as we get older.

The DMAE in this facial cream is formulated to be quickly and easily absorbed to quickly saturate all the layers of our facial skin. As it is absorbed, it plumps the skin naturally to fill in lines and wrinkles. Because it remains in our skin, it works long after it is applied to protect us against harsh environmental factors like pollution and harsh weather. Because our skin doesn’t dry out as fast, we are able to retain our elasticity longer between applications.

The other half of the facial cream’s key science exists in the neuropeptides themselves. Think of these as building blocks created from natural proteins. When they are absorbed into the surface layer of the skin, they connect and work together to almost instantly reduce the depth of wrinkles, helping to eliminate them from sight.

What makes Perricone MD Neuropeptide Facial Cream Unique?

There are three main components that are unique to this facial moisturizer. We will cover each below.

Naturally Produced Ingredients

The active ingredients in Perricone MD Neuropeptide Facial Cream are unique because they are ingredients that are naturally produced within our own bodies. While other face creams try to find ingredients that are either built from chemical compounds or compounds from plants or other naturally existing ingredients, this one works with compounds that are already a part of our biology.

Sulfate and Gluten Free

Sulfates and Gluten are two things that many of us struggle or have sensitivity to. All of Perricone MD’s products with the exception of one are free of sulfates and gluten because they understand that their clientele should not have to worry about trading breakouts or allergic reactions for a quality age defying face cream.

Can Be Used Morning or Night

Face creams can be confusing. You will often find some labeled “night cream.” Others are labeled to be applied underneath your make up. It’s no wonder that a majority of the population struggles with keeping the right products on hand and using them to their specified instructions.

Perricone MD makes this one easy. The Neuropeptide facial cream can be applied at night or first thing in the morning and always applied last over other treatments, but ahead of cosmetics. How much simpler could that be?


Perricone MD is known as a top of the line producer of skincare treatments. Considering their reputation for making quality products that work well, it’s no surprise that their pricing is at the higher end of the market.

A four ounce container of Perricone MD Neuropeptide facial cream runs at about the $200 mark, depending on the retailer that you use. Later, we will examine how this price stacks up against its competitors to determine whether or not it is worth the investment.

How Does Perricone MD Neuropeptide Facial Cream Fair in Customer Reviews?

The best way to determine if a product truly works is to take a look at reviews from those who have already tried it. We took a look at online reviews for Perricone MD Neuropeptide Face Cream and discovered that reviews were overwhelmingly positive, but with one common complaint. We will outline the three key positives and the one key negative in the following sections.

The Pros and Cons of Perricone MD Neuropeptide

As promised, this product appears to soothe and soften skin, creating a more youthful feeling and appearance overall. Many reviewers stated that they were in their 50s and 60s and saw noticeable changes in the way their skin looked within the first few weeks. Some even claimed that the changes were immediate.

An unexpected positive was the reduction of enlarged pores on the surface of the skin. None of the product descriptions claimed this benefit; however, it is not all that surprising when you consider the ingredients. The same compounds that fill in laugh lines and wrinkles can also fill in tough open pores to create a tighter and more smooth presence.

Some face creams tend to work a little too vigorously. When this happens, it is possible that a face cream can only be used every other day or even every few days to prevent complications from overuse. This product does not appear to be part of this category. Instead, reviews state that the product was safe and effective for everyday use.

The only common negative was that the product seemed to have a tendency to dry out certain skin types. Upon closer inspection, however, Perricone MD has warned against using this cream on skin that has a tendency to dry out easily.

One can make the assumption that the individuals who have struggled with this frustrating side effect are those that ignored this important warning from the manufacturer.


  • Soothes and Softens Skin
  • Reduces Enlarged Pores
  • Good for Daily Use


  • Dries Some Skin Types

Does Perricone MD Neuropeptide Facial Cream Measure up to its Competitors?

As promised, we will review below the ways in which this product measures up to its closest competitors on the market. To determine the competing products, we did an extensive online search to determine which products make similar claims from other leading skincare companies.

Below, we will look at each individually and assess how they compare one on one with the Perricone MD product.

SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore, 1.6 Fluid Ounce
  • 2 percent pure ceramides
  • 4 percent natural cholesterol
  • 2 percent fatty acids

Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore is a product created for aging skin and skin that suffers from free radical damage and sun damage. This product uses essential lipids such as natural cholesterol and fatty acids to boost hydration cycles and reduce wrinkles

This product also uses essential oils to increase antioxidants in the skin and vitamin E to boost cell repair. This product is dermatologist approved through the dermatological society of the United States.

Online reviews for this product complain about a greasy feeling that results from application of the product. It should also be noted that some reviews complain that the cream is too highly fragranced, creating an almost nauseating feeling associated with smelling the product after application.

Overall, the product does seem to work well, but given the complaints about the greasiness and harsh fragrance, we have to conclude that between this product and Perricone MD Neuropeptide Facial Cream, Perricone MD wins out.

Clinique Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream (Dry To Oily Combination),...
  • A moisture-rich firming cream
  • Contains a versatile ingredient Mistime, a botanical extract derived from brown algae
  • Provides essential vitality to cells to enhance volume of skin layer by layer

Clinique has made a trusted name for itself in the cosmetics and skincare market over the last decade. Their Repairware firming cream seems to be a highly recommended product across the market and we decided to see how it stacks up against Perricone MD’s Neuropeptide cream.

Repairware is available in two formulas. One is formulated for dry skin and the other is formulated for dry combination to combination oily skin (think “middle of the road”). This product is not recommended for outright oily skin.

The cream seems to work by enhancing the natural elasticity of skin by infusing collagen. Collagen is proven to fill in lines and produce a naturally firm and elastic texture to our skin.

Overall, products were mostly positive. However, again, fragrance and grease were an issue. The product markets itself as fragrance-free, but many who have purchased the product said that there was still an unpleasant odor.

Others also stated that the oiliness of the product left much to be desired in the application. As it sits, we are again faced with this similar comparison, giving Perricone MD the win yet again.

SkinMedica Glypro Daily Firming Lotion, 6 Fl Oz
  • Formulated with glycolic acid to gently remove dead skin cells
  • Contains olive oil
  • Infused with caffeine that eliminates excess water and toxins to reduce cellulite and dimpling

Finally, we have found a product that markets itself similarly to Perricone MD. This one also says that it is fit for all skin types.

Unfortunately, there is not much information available online, even from Skinmedica themselves, about how this product works. What we were able to find was a long list of ingredients, most of which appear to be chemicals that are not pulled from natural ingredients.

When we looked at online reviews, we found a mixed bag of both praise and negativity. While many said that the product works well, others complained, yet again, about harsh smells and greasy textures. Some others stated that their skin suffered breakouts or sensitivity to the ingredients.

Without any more information to go on, we have to give Perricone MD the take on this comparison, too.

HydroPeptide Slimming Body Rejuvenation Firming Moisturizer, 6.76 Fl...
  • Combats multiple signs of aging on face, neck, hands and body
  • Anti-wrinkle skin firming hydrator
  • Original 100% authentic

This brand appears to market itself very similarly to Perricone MD, as well. A look at their product page for this moisturizer shows that they use neuropeptides, anti-cellulite ingredients, and essential oils to boost moisture and antioxidant agents to the skin.

Additionally, they offer coconut oil and Shea and cocoa butter as ingredients to naturally smooth the skin and leave a naturally pleasant smell without chemical fragrances. They also label themselves vegan, sulfate, and gluten free.

Just when we thought we had found an equally manufactured product, though, we came to the reviews. While many were positive, stating that the product worked well and did its job, others complained about the very thing we were looking to find out- how it compared to Perricone MD.

We found at least half a dozen reviews from individuals claiming that they had switched to Hydropeptide from Perricone MD because of similar promises and an apparent cost-saving opportunity. It would appear that they were not pleased with the way the products compared.

One stated that her skin seemed to decline in health after the switch. Another stated that theirs suddenly broke out inexplicably.

Regardless of the reasoning behind these differences, we can safely assess that Perricone MD appears to be a higher quality product, straight from the words of those who have tried both.




  • ​2 percent pure ceramides 
  • ​4 percent natural cholesterol 
  • ​2 percent fatty acids 
  • ​A moisture-rich firming cream 
  • ​Contains a versatile ingredient Mistime, a botanical extract derived from brown algae 
  • ​Provides essential vitality to cells to enhance volume of skin layer by layer 
  • ​Contains alpha-hydroxy acid that helps diminish the appearance of fine lines
  • ​Works best on all skin types
  • ​Enhance skin firmness to help keep skin soft, supple, and smooth
  • ​Combats multiple signs of aging on face, neck, hands and body
  • ​Anti-wrinkle skin firming hydrator
  • ​Original 100% authentic

Our Take on Perricone MD Neuropeptide Facial Cream

Overall, we believe that Perricone MD Neuropeptide facial cream is worth the investment. The natural ingredients, quality reviews, and careful consideration for the health and sensitivities of our skin prove that Perricone MD truly cares about creating products that work.

In comparisons of online reviews, we can see that this product does better overall than some of its leading competitors and a simple look through the Perricone MD website has left us satisfied with their commitment to excellent customer service.

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