These days, thanks to social media and and YouTube, there’s a plethora of beauty and makeup tips available at our fingertips.

It’s almost getting to a point where there’s too much information, too many options to choose from, coming at us from every direction.

If you spend hours researching makeup tutorials online, trying to achieve the perfect look, but still can’t quite accentuate your features the way you like, it may have nothing to do with your skills.

For certain people, it’s all about choosing the right eye makeup color for your unique face and features.

What a lot of beauty bloggers keep from you is that choosing the right shades that match your face will make all the difference.

By choosing the colors and contour styles for your unique face, you’ll be creating a makeup look that works – something that you can rely on to look amazing, every time.

Instead of throwing you into the pit of endless online tutorials and vlogs, we’ve decided to offer you a better route.

We’ve gathered tips from beauty experts to provide insight on what type of eye makeup you should choose based on your personal eye color, hair color, and face shape.

Unfortunately for some, and fortunately for others, the days of choosing between either brown or black eye makeup are long gone. There are tons of eye shadow shades these days that give users creative freedom and the ability to play with textures and ideas to provide whatever look you’re into.

Today, we’ll help you take the guesswork out of how to craft a gorgeous makeup look that brings out your eye color and complements your face shape and hair color.

First Step to Choosing the Best Eye Makeup

By looking at a color wheel, you’ll be able to choose which eye makeup shade will help you eyes stand out.

As some basic direction, you’ll want to pick a shade of color that is on the opposite side of the color wheel as your eye color. This is because contrasting hues will help draw attention to your eyes.

Also, by using eye shadow with a bit of texture such as a shimmery or metallic finish, will mimic flecks of color you have in your eye.

These are just standard ideas and guides.

Now, let’s delve deeper into what eye makeup shades will look best with your specific and unique features!

make up

What Color are Your Eyes?

As mentioned above, it’s important to consider your personal eye color when choosing a shade of eye makeup. Matching eyeshadow to your eye color can appear too monochromatic.

Instead, we’ve gathered tips to help enhance your natural eye color.

By following the tips below, you’ll be able to confidently figure out which makeup hues work best for your eyes and special features.

Makeup for Brown Eyes

eye make up

If you have brown eyes, you’re in luck. You have the most versatile eye color in terms of makeup choice. Brown eyed ladies are usually able to wear almost any eye makeup color.

If you’re looking to enhance the clarity in your eyes, stick to bronzy gold’s and deep purples. Rich plum and vibrant purple do an exceptionally good job at this.

If you want to make your eyes look a bit lighter, look at using a mossy green eyeshadow. This hue will also help your brown eyes to stand out, a great choice for the bar or club.

To light your brown eyes up and make them dazzle, choose an eye makeup color that has a cool effect such as silver or charcoal.

For a bit of intensity, brown eyes work well with black eye makeup. Either blend a bit of black eye shadow into your crease or if you have darker brown eyes, you can use black eyeliner across your waterline to bring out some definition.

Makeup for Blue Eyes

specialized eye make up

As we mentioned above, opposites attract. This is especially the case for blue eyed babes.

Since orange is the opposite of blue when referring to a color wheel, if you have blue eyes, try an eye shadow with an orange undertone.

For instance, rich browns, terracotta’s, and bronze are always good choices to help your blue eyes pop. Gold and shimmery champagne eye makeup hues will bring our golden highlights in your eyes.

One thing you should keep in mind is that black eyeliner tends to look too harsh on blue eyes, especially because ladies with blue eyes tend to hair fair skin tones as well.

In order to achieve a sultry look while taking your skin tone into consideration, use a bronze or brown eyeliner instead of black.

Makeup for Green and Hazel

green and hazel eye make up

The opposite color on the color wheel for green and hazel eyes is red.

Since red isn’t exactly a natural looking color, we suggest using an eyeshadow that’s more in the pink range, or even a darker hue with a red undertone such as rust, bronze, or mahogany.

Opt for an eggplant-colored eyeshadow to increase the green or golden highlights in your eyes and make them stand out.

Same as your blue-eyed pals, green eyed ladies should steer clear of black eyeliner and it’s too harsh. Stick to silver, charcoal, or purple eyeliner instead.

Makeup for Grey Eyes

make up for grey ees

As one of the most unique eye colors, grey-eyed ladies deserve an eyeshadow of equal uniqueness.

These stormy looking eyes are best paired with eyeshadow that brings out the misty shade.

To do this, choose an eyeshadow and a liner that has a steely hue, such as icy blue, mink gray, or silver. This will enhance your unique color.

Grey eyes tend to appear flat. So selecting a shimmery charcoal or pewter gray will create a sense of depth and liven up your eye color.

What Color is Your Hair

Taking your hair color into consideration will also help you choose an eye makeup that works best on you. This goes along with your bronzers and blushes and other makeup pieces as well. Follow these tips we’ve laid out for you to figure out your best eyeshadow.


suitable eye make up for blondes

For all you blonde-haired babes out these, going with subtle colors work best.

In terms of blushes, choose a color that’s a few shades darker than your natural skin tone. Depending on what your eye color is, you should keep this in mind when choosing an eyeshadow as well.

For example, if you have green eyes and blonde hair, you should choose pink or red tones that are on the lighter side.

Black Hair

eye make up that suits black hair

Match your eyebrows to your black hair by using a combination of black and clear mascara to each individual hair.

Again, depending on your eye color, you can have a lot of fun with black hair.

Go crazy with the eye shadow and liner. Black hair allows for all the color attention to remain on the face so you can have a lot of fun with it.

If you have blue eyes, an orange hue will look great with your new blue doo.

Dark Brown

eye make up for brunnetes

If you have chestnut hair, there’s lots of room for creativity and versatility. This hair color is complemented by both minimalist and smoky eye makeup.

However, if you have a fair skin tone, you’ll want to double up on the eye liner. Dark hair brings a shadowy look to your features, so your eyes will need more definition.

If you have brown hair and brown eyes, make sure your purple eyeshadow is defined and vibrant.

Red Hair

eye make up for redhairs

For redheads, it’s best to start neutral when it comes to makeup.

Blush tones look great on everyone, especially red haired, fair skinned ladies. Green eye makeup also look great on redheads, as well as purple or any other color you may spot in an autumn forest. Metallica also work great with every shade.

Keep in mind your eye color for this as well. So, for example if you have blue eyes and red hair, a natural golden hue will work great.


brunette eye make up

Gray and brown eye makeup shadows will work wonderfully for brunettes. The lid shadow can also contain a bit of red or yellow, something like you would find in mocha or mahogany.

Again, the deciding factor for eyeshadow color depends on the eye color. For instance, brunettes with blue eyes look amazing with a grayish, light purple hue.

Gray eyes and brown hair make a gorgeous combination, especially with an eye makeup color in a brownish rose or khaki shade. Green eyes do well with yellowish beige, camel beige, or a mossy green shadow.

What Shape is Your Face

While this is usually the last thing you should consider when choosing an eye makeup shade, it’s good to know when you’re ready to move onto contouring and blush techniques.

Faces are categorized into six main face shapes:

  • Square
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Heart-shaped
  • Diamond-shaped
  • Oblong

While there are very specific face makeup techniques and tips for every face shape, we’ve highlighted the three most common face shapes since pairing eye makeup colors and face shapes are not that important.

If you’re not sure what face shape you have, check out this site and follow the tutorial.


make up that suits oval-shaped eyes

For oval faces, it’s best to concentrate on either the lips or eyes for the main feature. Keep the other one simple.

Eye makeup for oval shaped faces should be dramatic. Bring out some heavy and dreamy shadows to pair with your thick eyelashes. Also, cat eyes are great for oval faces.

Eyebrows that are high arches usually give more of an oval shaped look. Follow the natural shape of your brow lines and keep tweezing that way.


make up for heart-shaped eyes

For heart-shaped faces, you should be focusing on your lips rather than your eyes. Plump your lips up using your favorite lip plumper and a gloss or bold and fabulous lip color.

In terms of eye makeup, stick to lighter shades and tones. Don’t make your eyes too smoky. Keep the sultry look for those lips. Then dab a light-reflecting powder or cream in the corners of your eyes.


make up for round eyes

For round faces, bring in an unexpected eyeshadow or wild eye makeup technique.

You can also keep the eyes light and bring the attention to the bottom of your face with a bright lipstick color that is flattering to your personal skin tone.

The trick here is to bring the attention to either the top or bottom of your face.

Best Eye Makeup For You: Final Thoughts

No matter what style you’re sporting or what combination of unique features you have, there’s a specialized makeup routine that’s perfect for you.

Eyes are one of our most special features, so they should be given a lot of time and thought into what you decorate them with.

Overall, if you’re just starting out, nail down your eye makeup color by following the general rules according to your personal eye color. You can’t go wrong.

After that, once you feel more confident and ready to get a bit more creative, start playing with other ideas based on your hair color and face shape.

Most importantly, have fun!

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